Fuck it Friday! – #84 – Fuck March showers!

Fuck the weather!  I’m tired of the damn mood swings.  One day it’s a record low temperature and then by the weekend they’re talking 70°.  If it’s going to be cold then please can I get some snow?!  I’m tired of this fucking rain!  I didn’t know I moved to Seattle, hell, even they get…



I’m so sick of chilly and rainy!  Seems our pattern of late is  several days of above normal temperatures followed by a sudden drop and then winter weather.  I just wish Mother Nature’s bi-polar ass would take her crazy pills and pick a weather pattern and stick with it for at least a week. All…


The Queen City

I went to Charlotte last Wednesday to see my first NBA game.  The hotel was nice.  We had a good view of the NASCAR Hall of Fame from our room.  While I can’t say that I’m into NASCAR I think I can say it’s more than the derisive acronym I’ve heard them referred to.  The…


Random rumblings

I’ve been feeling kind of meh lately.  Something is going on with me but I have no idea what.  I guess I’ll make a doctor’s appointment one of these days…maybe.  I hate doctors but whatever is going on needs to stop.  Thought it might be a cold then maybe a sinus or upper respiratory infection…

Bitches on their backs

Will someone please tell me why I have to look at this  She’s only started sleeping on her back somewhat recently too.  Looking at her face it’s kind of cute because her lips hang down and you can’t see one of her canine’s peeking out.  The way she has her upper legs positioned I…


Happy New Year!   Keep trying to do better, be better, and know better in your words and your deeds, especially when it comes to me.  

Merry Christmas!

    From Cinnamon & I. Except for the lurkers, of course, we still hate you and hopes Krampus gets ahold of your ass.


Random Christmasy thoughts

Christmas is nine days away.  I can’t really say that I’m in the Christmas spirit.  Something about the lack of snow is always going to make that hard for me.  Maybe next year I’ll brave the horrors of holiday travel and go somewhere with some snow.  Who knows?  I may come down with a cheap…

I switched web hosts over the weekend.  Everything appears to have migrated okay but if you notice anything wonky please email me and let me know.

Thanksgiving Eve

So it’s been about a week since my last post and things have gotten better.  Last week she got a crate and I officially evicted her from my bedroom.  She still hangs out in my room or wherever I may happen to be almost every chance she gets.  In fact as I type this she…