April Fool’s 3:16, movies, & stupidity

I missed Wrestlemania X-7 . I don’t know if I should be happy I didn’t spend the $39.95 to watch it on pay-per-view or sad because I missed the biggest wrestling show of the year. I thought I had some blank tapes but as luck would have it I didn’t. I can’t see myself watching it and not having a reminder of it besides the cable bill. I also came down with a cheap attack at the last minute. *LOL* Maybe I’ll use that money and by a game for my PC since I don’t really have many.

What’s up with the X-7 thing anyway? I know movies for instance nowadays, stop labeling the number after about part three. Unless it’s straight to video or cable. Anyway, why they didn’t just call it Wrestlemania 2001 or just plain Wrestlemania is beyond me. I’d hate to be watching Wrestlemania XXX-4 with my kids telling them one of those old folks stories. You know the ones that start off like, “When I was your age…”

If anyone is wondering by the way, Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel, hooked up with Vince McMahon, and made the Rock his personal bitch! *LOL*

I went to the movies today and saw the Brothers. I must have been really bored. The movie wasn’t bad. Actually it was funny as hell. D.L. Hughley is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics. He and Ralph Bellamy stole the show. Anyway, I’m usually the type of person who will refuse to see a movie if I miss the previews. I’ve done that before and pissed off the people I was with. Oh well, I don’t care. To me the preview is a part of the movie. I wouldn’t watch a movie if I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes of it. The previews help build my excitement and enthusiasm for the movie. Missing the previews kills my desire to see the movie. Some people think it’s weird but it’s me so fuck’em!

I walked into the theater just when the movie was beginning and I stayed. I got held up at the concession area. Why is it when I’m in a rush I always get stuck behind either someone who wants to buy everything on the damn menu or someone who has no clue what they want. Worse yet is when you’re third in line behind “Mr. I Don’t Know What I Want” and “Ms. I Want it All” and the person working the concession is either new, stupid, slow, a waste of semen or all of the above.

I still don’t understand why people insist on bringing toddlers and infants to R-rated movies. If you came home one day and saw that somone’s grey matter was splattered over your front door and the neighborhood animals were dining on the remains, you’d probably shield your kids from that. If you were watching porno and your kids wandered in you’d turn it off right? With that said why the fuck would you take the little bastards to see it simulated on the big screen? I swear some people are just stuck on stupid and have the nerve to wonder why their kids are fucked up in the head. Look in the mirror dumb ass! It reminds me of that PDA from years back when they guy finds out his kid is doing drugs. He asks his kid where he learned about doing drugs and the kid blurts out, “I learned it from watching you!” It’s all YOUR fault.

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