Hair and drinks

Not a whole hell of a lot has been going on lately. My life has been mind-numbingly BORING for the past few months. I know two people with birthdays today. They’re getting the deluxe version of what they bought me. NOT A DAMN THING!!! *LOL*

The highlight of my day was getting a haircut. Sad ain’t it? Yeah, it’s not even 12:30 PM yet but I’m pretty sure that will remain the highlight. I really needed that haircut though. I’d like to get some baby dreads but you wouldn’t believe how long I’d have let my hair grow to get them. And in the meantime I’d be walking around with fuckin’ afro having no idea what to do with my hair until it was long enough for the dreads. I don’t like afros. I’m thinking about shaving it all off. Fortunately, I have the right shaped head to carry off going bald. My sister thinks my head is too big. Hell, with hair or without my head is going to remain the same size.

A friend invited me out for drinks later. I’m kind of doubtful I’ll actually see her. She has a habit of canceling. I shouldn’t say that since she doesn’t really cancel you just don’t hear from her and then she calls when she needs a ride home. Well, she got a car for her birthday so hopefully it won’t break down. That means I’ll probably won’t see her anymore but oh well. I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t live without anyway. In the end it’s probably not going to be a great loss. If our friendship is meant to last it will otherwise it’ll grow old and die…just like everything else.

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