One day…

One day I’m really going to format this diary so it looks halfway creative. Right now it’s just too damn plain. Although I must admit that I’m definitely feeling the background. Now when that day will come exactly I’m not sure. Probably when this semester is over. I think I have about three more weeks of classes before I’m out for the summer. I suppose I should open a book and actually study for finals. Unfortunately, I just don’t feel like it. My classes are so fucking boring they could’ve been used as torture during the Inquisition. I can stand a lot of things but being bored isn’t one of them.

Well I didn’t go hanging out with X-Stacie. Can’t really say I didn’t know that would happen. Expect nothing and you’ll rarely be disappointed. Anyway, she called me that night at 2:30 AM, high and drunk. Call me strange but I’ve just never found drunk or stoned women a turn-on. In fact it’s pretty much an erection killer if you know what I mean. The fact that she was carrying on two conversations, one with me & the other with one of her babies’ daddies, really didn’t help matters.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a very long conversation. I usually tell women to call me back when I can get their undivided attention and hang up. I must have been really bored not to. Either that or I didn’t want to start any shit on her birthday. Who knows? Maybe I don’t want to piss her off before I can see some of the X-rated videos she’s going to make with her camcorder. 😉

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