Another boring Monday

Not too much is happening today. I am glad that it’s not 78 degrees today like it was yesterday. I hate hot weather, especially when there’s no a/c. In case you’re curious, I think 75 degrees, sunny, and breezy is perfect spring/summer weather. Anything over 75 degrees just sucks.

Well, Mistress IMed me today. I was kind of surprised but I wasn’t. I thought we’d go about two weeks without contacting each other. Either that or I thought she’d contact me today, which she did. I wasn’t logged into my messenger but this is what I was greeted with: “ive decided im finish being upset and hurt now..” I think it’s kind of cute how she thinks of herself like a princess.

I am looking forward to watching wrestling. I guess I’ll call my friend Ms. Black & Wild later and taunt her because the Rock won’t be there for at least a month.

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