Two more things on the sucky list

I’m really starting to dislike my speech class. The professor keeps marking down my speeches for stupid little shit and it’s usually something beyond my control.

My demonstration speech was marked down because she wanted to look at the game I was describing. I spent almost $25 on making copies of the game for EVERYBODY. The speeches ran long and people went out of order for various reasons. I ended up giving my speech last because of this about a half hour after the class ended.

My speech was cut from up to 10 minutes to about three. Because of this I had to scratch most of my speech and I didn’t pass out the stuff I copied because 2/3 of the fucking class was gone already, she requested we pass out any materials after our speech, and she rushed me during the speech totally throwing me off.

Maybe it’s not just the class I’m starting to dislike but the whole damn university. They do a lot of dumb shit there and for all the money I have to pay it looks pretty run down and dated and some of the professors aren’t very bright.

Well, my birthday has came and went yet again. It sucked. On my list of sucky things this year’s birthday doesn’t rank as high as last year’s. I was so depressed last year I could make clowns cry. I barely even thought about my birthday this year. I didn’t have any expectations so their wasn’t really any reason to be disappointed when they weren’t meant. Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed. It may sound a bit pessimistic but it’s a life saver for me and it’s true.

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