The week of December 12th in review

Not a whole hell of a lot has been going on lately. I’m done with my remedial tax preparer training. I’m kind of happy that’s over with because to be quite honest I was bored. I can’t even honestly say I learned a lot. It just reinforced the things I already knew. Of course, it also made me painfully aware of the things that I don’t have a firm grasp of. When it’s go time I generally rise to the occasion and show and prove. I did some returns last year that should have been too complicated for me but I handled it.

The hardest thing for me wasn’t really preparing taxes it was dealing with the customers. I’m not a social person. I was diagnosed as antisocial when I was a child and I’ve never grown out of it. Answering phones and dealing with customers sucks. I do however like preparing returns. I have a talent for it.

The weekend was slow and boring. My mom is recovering from a minor surgery so I’ve been playing chauffeur. Yesterday I drove her to the middle of nowhere for a chiropractor appointment. Lucky for me I bought my mp3 player along. I was bumping the new Notorious B.I.G. CD. It’s pretty good. Hopefully, the title is true and The Final Chapter will be his final release. I wonder, if 2Pac had so much unreleased material how come it seems like they sample the same damn lyrics on every album that’s been released since he died? Hello?! Can I hear something new? I digress though. Anyway, after the chiropractor we went to English Garden to buy a poinsettia. It was purple. They also had them in blue and in red. After that it was grocery shopping and then home.

Today we went to Target. Lately, I’ve been fiending for chocolate so I bought some Mega M&Ms and some Hershey’s Miniature Mints. I wanted some Mint M&Ms but I couldn’t find any. I love Target. So many women with thick thighs and big behinds stuffed into tan jeans and stretch pants. Every time I go to Target I want to slap a death grip on some cashier’s ass. All that ass and a 10% discount! Tell me that isn’t a match made in heaven. Go ahead, I dare you! That’s what I thought, you can’t. Target is a nice place to woman watch. Maybe whenever I get a cell phone I’ll go and snap some pics like the ones here (http://www NULL.mobileasses NULL.php?cameraphone). Hell maybe I’ll take some video.

After Target, we went to Office Depot. I needed some ink for one of my printers. Getting ink for the all-in-one printer was cheaper than buying ink for the photo printer so guess which one I chose. All-in-one printer? You’re damn skippy I did. I wanted a new security suite for my computer but I couldn’t find the one I wanted. I’ve been looking for it through bit torents but so far I haven’t found a cracked version yet. That sucks.

Well, the Boondocks will be on in a couple of hours. It has now overtaken South Park as my favorite funny cartoon. Then again Drawn Together has been funnier than South Park this season too.

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