Chillin’ with Val – pt. 2

Little rest for the weary

As soon as I could get off of the plane I did. My back was sore and my ass was hurting from that anal probe/cavity search I got at DTW. Again, the anal probe/cavity search didn’t actually happen but my back was sore and my ass did hurt. What can I say? The seats weren’t too comfortable. Anyway as soon as I got to the lobby I turned on my phone and strangeness occurred. First my phone wasn’t even getting a signal. Once it finally did the T-Mobile text that usually appears above my signal indicator was replaced by Cingular. Great, lovely. I turned off the phone for a minute and turned it back on, still no T-Mobile and a different company showed up that I’ve never heard of. I’m roaming. Wow, my phone bill is going to be pretty interesting this month.

I don’t know if the people in the lobby were waiting on our plane or others but it was packed. Too many people and not enough seats. People were sitting and laying on the floor and for a minute it reminded me of Metro airport during a snowstorm. I call Val and tell her I’m at the airport. She says that she’ll be there in about 10 minutes. I tell her that hopefully I’ll be outside by then. I start walking and I’m looking up for a sign that will lead me out of the airport and onto the street. I’m looking and looking and I don’t see shit but signs for restrooms (I’m guessing women’s restrooms outnumber the men’s restrooms by at least 2 to 1), baggage claims, and a bunch of other shit that I couldn’t care less about.

I’m so glad I didn’t check anything. Carry on is definitely the way to go. I’m walking so long I feel like I was in a marathon and blew out a lung or something. A man who looks like Rob Schneider hands me some water and screams, “You can do it Freaky! I believe in you!” Fuck that, I can’t do it! So I snatched a little old lady out of her wheel chair and wheeled my ass along. Okay that didn’t happen but only because I didn’t see any little old ladies in wheel chairs. What? Oh, like I’m the only one who’s ever thought of chair jacking someone before? Fuck you goody two shoes! Don’t judge me!

Why can’t they just have a sign that says outside, fresh air, or something like that? I finally find my way outside and wait. It should only be a couple of minutes and then I don’t have to see another airport for a couple of days. A few minutes past and no Val. Five minutes past. Still no Val. Ten minutes past. I’m hot, I’m tired, and she’s late. Seriously late. I’m annoyed and starting to get a little pissed. I’m tempted to let her drive out here while I take a cab to her place and call her when I’m there but I don’t. However, if she had been a few minutes later I probably would have. Val finally pulls up and I put my bags in the back. She apologizes for being late. I wouldn’t find out for another three or four hours why she was actually late.

I already knew that we were going to do a little running around but at this point I honestly just wanted to go to her place, drink something cold, and take a nap. I didn’t get much sleep the night before and I was pretty much exhausted. She asked me if I was hungry and I said yep. I ended up doing a few things for the first time on this trip. I went to Sonic for the first time. Yay! I couldn’t see all the combinations I could do for the drinks because there was something blocking that part of the menu. I finally picked an orange slushie because well I’ve always wanted an orange slushie and it was delicious. I’ll print out the map next time and concoct some drink combinations next time I’m there. After putting something yummy in my tummy, another first occurred.

I went to Wal-Mart for the first time. Not just any old Wal-Mart but a Super Wal-Mart complete with a McDonald’s, Subway, Hair Salon, T-shirt place, and more. I so didn’t feel like walking. I wanted to get in one of those scooters and drive myself around. I felt like a zombie dragging myself through that store. Of course I didn’t tell her that I felt like falling out. We picked up some toiletries and some food for my stay and after making one more stop (thankfully, I didn’t have to get out) we finally went to her home.

I put my bags against a wall, kicked off my shoes, and plopped my tired ass onto the couch and took a load off. Val put the groceries away, got me something to drink, and chilled out next to me on the couch. We chit chatted for a little while and eventually turned on the TV and watched Smackdown. I haven’t seen it in a minute. I told her about some of the wrestlers and eventually we cracked up at one. He’s big as hell but can’t speak English for shit. He kind of sounds like an angry dog growling and whining.  He said something that sounded like, “Aaarrrhharoa Kane!”  The announcers claimed he said “I want Kane!”  Um, okay.  I’m sure whoever had to write the captions that night was like fuck you assholes, I quit!  The divas came on and we started talking about cute little panties then Val showed me her thong. Well, anyone that knows me knows that I have a slight panty fetish. Now we needed to be leaving to get to the movies but I had to see her thong and play with it. Then we got to kissing and making out and lets just say when we almost didn’t make it to the movies. As it was we cut it kind of close getting there. The theater was pretty packed and for the first time in many, many years I sat in the front. Val, asked if I wanted to exchange our tickets for the midnight showing and I said no. We were already here so we might as well watch the movie.

The previews were okay. I think Topher Grace is too small to play Venom. Then again I’m guessing that this Spider-man is based more on the Ultimate version rather than the regular Marvel universe so maybe he’s spot on for that version. As long as Venom has the double voice thing going like Legion did in Ghost Rider than I might be able to overlook Harry Osbourne turning the Green Goblin into some X-Games looking weirdo. Any 300 was pretty good. It’s based on a Frank Miller graphic novel. Basically, it’s a fancier version of a comic book. He was behind Sin City. 300 kind of reminded me of Sin City mixed with Gladiator. If you’re a fan of either or both movie than go see it, you’ll probably like it. I played a little game of covering Val’s eyes whenever any nudity was being shown. It was funny. I think she visually violated quite a few of the Spartans. I’m pretty sure she wanted to get her back blown out by those freaky looking Immortals in a train. I bet most of you who saw the movie want the exact same thing. Don’t front. The movie ended and she grabbed my hand while we walked out. It was kind of sweet and cute. Then she bitch slapped me…hard. Okay, that didn’t happen.

We drove home with the windows down and I just thought this isn’t bad at all. It’s actually kind of nice. I haven’t been out on a late night drive for awhile. I may need to do start doing that again. We came home, freshened up, and chilled out for a little while, just talking, kissing, and hugging up on the couch. Then she choked me unconscious and I woke up butt ass naked in restraints, she was straddling me, and whispered in my ear, “I wanna hear you scream my name bitch.” She violated me seven ways to Sunday and seemed to get really excited when licking my tears. Yeah, that didn’t happen but um, it kind of sounds hot. Maybe next time we’ll get to play with her restraints. She mentioned wanting to play with them at the movies, even though I said I’d consider it I thought it was a little early for us to do the restraints thing. Next time I’m there though someone just might be spread eagle on that bed. We already have a safe word (no, I won’t share it with you right now) so I’m sure it’s going to happen sooner or later. I wonder if it will be her or me. Hmmm.

We retire to the boudoir and Val inquires about getting a liquid Freaky injection. I tell her that my body is sacred and that I won’t partake in any sexual contact whatsoever unless or until I get married. The weather was clear but I guess some kind of freak storm passed by because I was viciously struck by lightning. Ouch! Wait for it. Wait. Okay, now. That didn’t actually happen. Val has her back to me and she’s laughing. She turns around and is wearing a ski mask. She pulls out a ginormous butcher knife and tells me that we can do this the easy way or the hard way but I wasn’t about to be laying up in her bed without some type of payment. I cried. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. Val pulled off my pajamas and gave Dick a tongue bath. She sandwiched Dick between her tits and continued giving me the treatment. Haven’t done that in ages. Me likey, me likey! Oh yeah, she also got her doctor recommended daily allowance of liquid Freaky. Shit, I think she might have gotten two days worth. Well, she thought she did. What? I skeet like that.

We’re laying in bed and she just looks at me and says, “You’re still wide awake aren’t you?” Yep! Val was sleepy but she didn’t want me up by myself so she was trying to hang with the big dogs and stay up with me. I think she didn’t want me rifling through her stuff when she was asleep but don’t tell anyone. 😉 I assured her that I would be okay. Val knows that I don’t really sleep all that well when I’m not in my own bed or at home so I guess she was conscious about that. I was definitely tired physically. I just had to wait until my mind caught up to my body before I went to sleep. Sooner or later I knew I was going to shut down and get some sleep. I pretty much had to. I didn’t want to disturb her so I let her know that if I didn’t get to sleep soon then I’d just get up and chill on the couch until I felt sleepy. I cuddled up to Val and watched her sleep for a little. I did manage to get some sleep though. When and how it happened beats me but I did. Yay, me!

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