Foggy minds

I can’t really say I did a whole hell of a lot this weekend. In fact I’m kind of happy that it’s over. The medication I’ve been taking has been playing all kinds of games with me. The side effects for two of them include sleeplessness and the other one causes drowsiness. Fortunately, the drowsiness seems to be winning. My thinking hasn’t always been all that clear. I gave Black Mamba the wrong password even though I looked at it, said it, and part of me had to have known I mixed it up but it still took way too long to register to me. Sorry Black Mamba. I’ll take my stupid points now.

On Friday I tried to do a favor for my sister. She had a full day of clients so she asked me if I could go to her school and drop a class for her while registering for another one. I hate going into things unprepared. First my sister needed a signature from a dean. Luckily there was one available and after I explained what was going on she signed it. Now why she waited to do all of this stuff on the last possible day is beyond me too. I go to the next place they say I need to go and get a drop slip and attempt to turn in the form she needed to take the class she wanted. I was going to forge her signature since my sister and I have both based our signatures on the way our mom does her. She’s better at forging signatures and I’m better at forging stuff digitally. Anyway, my plan gets stopped right in their tracks when the guy tells me I’m going to need a copy of her photo ID. Fuck! I really didn’t feel like driving to her place and back out to her school. To be honest I didn’t even feel like driving home so she could fax a copy of her license and then take everything back to her school. Fortunately they decided that she was basically doing a level change (switching a lower level class for a higher level class of the same subject.) Because of that they said she could just come in on Monday and turn that stuff in.

I didn’t get to the movies this weekend. Besides Shoot Em Up which is kind of a short movie there really wasn’t anything I had to see. Maybe I’ll check it out later this week or maybe not. I was planning to finally start watching some of the DVDs in my collection that I still haven’t viewed yet. I guess I couldn’t fit it in between naps. Between naps I watched football over the weekend. I saw the Wolverines lose. If they lose to Notre Dame next week then Coach Carr may be “retired” before he actually plans to retire. The Lions won and looked pretty decent doing so.

I’ve been going to bed early, well for me anyway. I think my late night/night owl friends would get a chuckle out of knowing I can’t hang with them for the moment. That will change once I get this medication out of my system and start feeling like myself again. Sometimes it feels like I have a fog on my mind. If I even think I may have to put on my thinking cap or get deep then I just try to avoid those topics and situations. Of course since I don’t really want to think everybody wants to ask me the types of questions that requires further elaboration and thought. I really don’t feel like thinking. I just want to chill and if I must have a conversation let it be something silly, trivial, and shallow as hell.

Unfortunately, I need to do a reasonable amount of thinking for both of the classes I’m taking this semester. My Diversity class is going to be a trip. You can tell by some of my classmates’ responses that a.) they’re not black and b.) that for the most part the main source of knowledge for other races comes from television. We were asked to talk about a television show that featured a cast from races other than our own and to discuss how they’re portrayed and our opinions of it. I’m pretty certain most of you can guess at least one show other races bring up as a positive and realistic representation of black folks. Well, everybody but Zora and Ladynay anyway. What?!

One of the shows mentioned was Family Matters. They thought it was cool to show that even blacks could be cops and were hardworking. [crickets chirping as I blankly stare at my screen] What the fuck?! Now the professor basically gave one of my Fuck it Friday disclaimers about some of the comments on the first day of class. You know how what’s said may appear racist, homophobic, yada, yada, yada! Okay that show is almost 20 years old and has been off the air for almost 10. I’m at a loss. How can anyone think that corny little show was representative of black life? Hell why not the Flavor of Love? Then again maybe some of it is on me. Growing up I may have only known one traditional nuclear family. To this day I can probably count on one hand how many traditional married nuclear families I know.

Another show that was mentioned was the Cosby Show. The Cosby Show?! Another 20 year old show. Even then critics didn’t think the show was necessarily realistic or representative of the typical black families who watched the show. How out of touch are people? It’s bad enough that the main contact with blacks they have is from what they see on TV but do they really have to think back to shows that have been off the air for at least a decade? What’s really going on? The most recent show they mentioned was the Bernie Mac show. A semi biographical account of Bernie’s life? All of the shows mentioned about blacks were comedies. This class is a train wreck waiting to happen, mark my words. Whatever. I’m not trying to invest anymore thought in that class at the moment than I need to. It’s not worth the frustration.

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