Black out schlack out


It’s Halloween so you know the deal leave your panties or some candy in my bag.

My mom told me about the black out on November 2nd. Until she mentioned it I hadn’t heard anything about it. For those of you who are even more out of touch than me here’s the deal. The gist of it is that Blacks are being asked to not make any major purchases on November 2nd. Depending on who you’ve talked to I’ve also heard that Blacks shouldn’t purchase anything on November 2nd, major or minor. I’ve also heard that we’ve been asked not to make any major purchases from November 1st to the 3rd. So stay definitely stay out of the stores on the 2nd and if you can the 1st and 3rd too. Whatever. I sighed and then asked my mom why Jesse and Al wanted us to boycott retailers now? Jena 6…blah, blah, blah. To show white people that we matter and have power…blah, blah, blah. Something has been bothering me about the Jena 6 for awhile. Those little nigglets deserve to be in jail. There I’ve finally acknowledged the pink elephant. I don’t think they should do a 20 year bid or whatever they are trying to pin on them for attempted murder but they definitely deserve to spend some time in juvenile detention at the very least. I believe their white counterparts should be chilling with them too.

Seems to me if you really want to stick it to retailers and make your economic and political power felt then the black out would be held on say Black Friday. Then again all of these people hootin’, hollerin’, and bitching about injustice for the Jena 6 wouldn’t want to miss out on getting a cheap computer, LCD TV, or mp3 player. So save all the righteous indignation and black unity bullshit for someone else! There’s no such thing as Black unity or Black leadership that’s why this little display will ultimately fail. That and the fact that the people you want to embrace the boycott are a bunch of lazy, hypocritical douche bag bastards. Expecting young Blacks to save money and be socially conscious is like expecting Father Flanigan not to bury his nasty purple dick inside of your little boy’s throat or ass at Sunday school. It’s just not going to happen and if you think otherwise then you’re not fit to breathe the same retard/dumbass free air I breathe. Point blank. Besides, doesn’t American Gangster come out this weekend? Do what you feel is right but I think I’m going to have to pass on the boycott. Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out. Okay?

I had to teach my mom how to set up Yahoo IM on her phone and how to use voice dialing. Old people and technology, boy what fun I had! Why did she check her e-mail only to find out she had 5000+ spams and 2500 messages in her inbox. Now she wants me to teach her how to send text messages. Why? Who the hell is she trying to text message? It better not be some old lame stiff leg or we’re going to have problems.

The budget “crisis” isn’t over in Michigan. They have to cut $400 million from the budget by today or people are going to get laid off and services will be shut down. One of the potential and unfortunately likely cuts will be in the financial aid of Michigan college students. The second half of the fall semester begins Wednesday and if the state cuts off their aid a lot of people are going to fall short in terms of paying for their classes. At this point I may need to drop one of my classes. People at the school are telling me to hold on but patience isn’t one of my strong suits and I really despise owing people money. I’m sure they’d set up a payment plan or something because I don’t have four figures just lying around in my savings account and I’m betting a lot of other students there don’t either. They’d lose a lot of money in tuition. Regardless, I’m not trying to owe anymore than I already do period. If I don’t hear anything by Friday then I’ll probably call and see how dropping one of my classes will affect my financial aid. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of Michigan and out of that school.

My school sent out an e-mail notifying us that someone on the main campus of my school got MRSA. Since I’ve never been on the main campus and probably won’t until I graduate I’ll have to file that under who the fuck cares. Why is the media hyping up MRSA so much anyway? I wonder if AIDS ever feels neglected.

It’s been rumored that Comcast is looking to buy a cellular company. The leading choices at the moment are T-Mobile and Sprint. Please, let it be Sprint! Please let them fuck up Sprint and leave T-Mobile alone. Watch it be T-Mobile they buy. The universe is definitely out to spite me.

Last year I played trick or treat or treat with a few bloggers. Wonder if I’ll do it again this year?

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