11/20 Thoughts

The weekend was nothing special at all. I curled up with a text book, caught up on some homework, and suffered major pigskin disappointment on both the collegiate and professional levels. I couldn’t find anyone to go see Beowulf with me. I thought about going directly after school today but I was running kind of late and the way people have been driving lately I didn’t really want to be bothered.

I’ve been thinking of starting a movie goers group. Of course, it’s always too much trouble to do anything involving other people when my will and vision isn’t being enforced so I probably won’t. It would be nice though to find a person or two (or more) to hang out with at the movies once a month or so. I could’ve went to see P2 on Sunday but the previews made me feel kind of blah so I decided to pass. If I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday I’d make it a double feature. Hitman and the Mist comes out on Wednesday and they both have my interest. Oh well, guess I’ll try to catch one or both of them this weekend depending on how my money is acting.

I was contacted by two different people yesterday to see if I was okay. Not going to give out too much information about why they called because there are a lot of nosy people in the world but it was kind of nice. No need to worry though. I’m about 90% certain how I’m going to die and an accident isn’t how I’m going out.

After I turn in a homework assignment for my online class sometime today, I am unofficially on Thanksgiving break. I can’t really say I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving other than the time off from school. I can’t say that I’m really in the holiday spirit as of yet. Part of it is because Thanksgiving is early this year. It’s supposed to snow on Thanksgiving so maybe the fluffy white stuff will do something for me. I may even get up to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade before I watch the Lions lose to the Packers. I did say maybe right? I’ll probably turn off my ringers just the same to avoid being waken up by any cheery, happy ass morning people. I don’t know how or why anyone is so damn happy about being up early on a holiday. If I ever have kids they will learn to count early because daddy is not to be disturbed before noon unless the house is on fire. Even then it better be like one of those fires in California or I’ll find a way to kick the fire’s ass for waking me up.

From what I’ve heard and confirming my suspicion, Saw III and Saw IV happen concurrently. The autopsy scene in the beginning actually takes place after the final scene in Saw IV. I’ll definitely have a sit down and watch all four of them whenever Saw IV comes out on DVD. I think it will be out early next year.

I’m mad I missed the Eight Films to Die for Fright Fest for the second year in the row. I’m going to try to catch it in the theater or at the drive-in next year. 

Speaking of breaks, I’m going on hiatus.  I’ve thought about doing it for awhile and now is as good a time as any.  I may throw in a meme or something before Thanksgiving but otherwise I think I’m going to step away from blogging for a minute.  I don’t know if I’ll be reading or commenting much.  Today I’d say no but who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow.  When I return I plan to do so with an Ask Freaky Anything post.  For those of you that aren’t familiar here’s the deal.  You can either e-mail me questions directly (for those that have my e-mail address) or use the contact form, under Contact Me, on the sidebar (don’t forget to fill out everything that’s required or you’ll get an error message and it won’t be delivered).  As the title says you can pretty much ask me anything you want to know about me.  For some ideas of what has already been asked then click on the link or look under the categories section for “Ask Freaky Anything”.  I reserve the right not to answer certain questions at my discretion so I don’t want to hear any lip if I choose not to.  However, if I do answer your question I’ll do so truthfully. 

So get your questions in and I’ll see you when I see you.  Peace in the Middle East!

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