30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13 – Your week

“Now who’s the next maggot?
George Washington, he wore a wig like a faggot
Just like Rock Hudson,
He and Liberace both liked butts and dicks
Gobbled up nuts like tricks
T-bone’s on the motherfuckin’ mix,
Don’t talk about Bird and all of his scorin’
Cause I’ll say Magic, Ewing, Jordan,
Olajuwon, Isiah, and Barkley,
Now bitch don’t start me”

I’ll tell you this 30 day blog challenge has been an actual challenge at times.  Not a great one but a small one ever the less.  Since this post is supposed to be about my week but falls on a Monday, I’ll have to assume that it’s about last week since I have no idea what will happen this week other than it probably being boring too.  Seriously I need to find a hobby or something.  *sigh*  Oh yeah, just three more weeks until my birthday a.k.a. suck day!  Woohoo!

Let me see, my mom had some papers she wanted me to look at.  Basically, it was a bunch of stuff I’d need to know and/or have to claim some of her stuff in the event she dies.  I still haven’t looked at any of it.  I don’t like thinking about her not being here and she knows this.  I’m still hoping that I’m lucky enough to die before her as honestly I’d probably lose what little sanity I have left along with my only reason for living if she died.  Part of me thinks why bother if I go ahead and do what I plan to do anyway if that happens.  Then part of me thinks what if I don’t or what if I’m unsuccessful.  I don’t know.  I’ll probably take a look at it this week but I’m not really looking forward to it.  I’m just not in the mindset for it and just thinking about it depresses me.

I renewed my driver’s license last week.  The process was pretty quick and painless.  Sometime within the next week I should get my enhanced driver’s license in the mail.  I’ve heard it even comes in it’s own shielded holder.  I kind of wonder why we even need that if the RFID chip in it only contains an ID number and not any direct personal information.  Furthermore, it will completely block and eliminate the purpose of the ID window in my wallet.  I was shocked because for some reason I didn’t even notice that one corner of my license had been snipped.  Apparently it’s normal, according to my mom, but I’ve never had it done.  I usually get a little hole punched out of mine.

The weekend was pretty much movies, napping, and football.  My college teams The University of Michigan and Michigan State University both won their opening away games.  The Detroit Lions got robbed (http://sports NULL.yahoo NULL.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Video-Controversial-rule-strips-Lions-of-first-?urn=nfl-269035) in the last 90 seconds of the game of their first road victory in three years.  So I’m going on record to say fuck Da Bears, the NFL rules committee, and anyone else who doesn’t agree with me on this!  I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how I did in my pick’em league.  One year I’m going to give fantasy football a try if I find a league for clueless beginners.  I never did get around to seeing Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D last weekend.  I’ll probably see it within the next couple of days.  Weekend afternoons officially belong to football now as I told my mom when I told her I wish I could go to the movies but I didn’t want to miss the game.  She replied with can’t you just DVR it?  Technically I could but watching live sports taped just doesn’t seem right and if I find out the score before I watched then there’d be absolutely no motivation for me to watch it.

I played around with the playlist on my blog.  Added a bunch of songs and deleted even more.  Maybe I need to start collecting songs for my holiday playlist.

I started researching my next cell phone.  First off I found out that I could sell my current phone on one particular site for a little over $100.  I could probably get more if I went through Craigslist or maybe E-bay but I honestly don’t fuck with either of those sites to buy or sell things.  The people seem kind of shady and I’ve heard too many stories about people getting ripped off on E-bay and getting robbed at gunpoint or worse when using Craigslist.  Plus I also don’t believe in the intrinsic good of humanity (I should add that to my beliefs post) so I’ll pass on that.  Anyway, I’m considering between the HTC G2 (T-Mobile) and the Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint).  Verizon is too expensive and AT&T is Apple’s favorite piece of boi pussy at the moment and has too many restrictions on their phones.  It’s a shame because from what I’ve been able to tell AT&T (a.k.a. The Death Star) has the best reception where I live.  T-Mobile and Sprint are about the same from what I can tell reception wise.  Sprint is a little better but has more dead spots.  The G2 is cheaper and I don’t even have to pay for it all at the same time, I think.  Sprint will cost me a lot more to walk out the door with a phone.

I ordered a couple of items online.  One was a GPS dashboard mat.  It gives me the option of not having to stick my new GPS device to my windshield.  The last GPS I had had an annoying habit of coming off when I didn’t want it to.  I also got a word game I’d been wanting for a couple of months, Bookworm Adventures.  That and Bubble Town should keep me entertained for a minute.


Last night was the season 3 finale of True Blood and how do I say it…it sucked Chippy D’s bump infested crusted post menstrual flow ass!  It was just disappointing.  Season finales almost always are cliffhangers and the episode failed as a cliffhanger because for the most part it didn’t leave me wanting to know what happens next.  Instead I just kind of scratched my head like that’s it?  I guess in a way I’m curious about how Alan Ball is going to write his way out of that shit pile he made us watch but they hype of who’s going to make it out alive was just wasted and false.  Okay two of the hillbilly werepanther people died but they were never major characters on the show and an assassin died offscreen.  Other than that none of the major characters died.  Worse yet, they never answered any of the questions that were building up all season.  It’s sloppy writing and development on their part.

Let’s see Sam revealed he is a shapeshifter to Tara who acted overly traumatized by the news.  She then walks in on her former drunk mama getting busy with a married reverend who claimed it wasn’t what Tara thought it was.  He spilled lemonade on his pants and her mama was helping him get it out.  LOL!  Yeah, I’m gonna file that one away in case I ever need to come up with an excuse really quick.  I don’t care why I need an excuse I’m just going with “I spilled lemonade on my pants.”  Eventually based on all the shitty things that have been happening to Tara she decides that she needs a change and cuts her hair.  I’m almost never in favor of women cutting their hair but I suppose it was time for a new hairstyle.  I mean you can only wear braids for certain amount of time and I’m sure her scalp sang all kinds of hymns when she cut and unbraided her hair.  Tommy acted like a straight up bitch by trashing Sam’s rental property and stealing his money.  His conversation with Sam made me laugh though.  So he’s supposed to let you steal his life savings just because your ass is illiterate?  Um okay.  I hope Sam did shoot his little punk ass.  He also might want to think about hiding his safe, bolting it down, and maybe storing the bulk of his money somewhere else or in some other form than cash.  I’m just saying.

I still don’t get why Eric let Russell live.  Yeah I know the whole thing about Godric saying the only thing after death is peace but come on.  He’s way too dangerous to let live and he’s bat shit crazy.  Russell already told you he was going to think of ways to get revenge on Bill and Eric so not giving him his true death was just plain stupid.  Bill did a 180 with his personality but I kind of like the sinister side as he’s kind of bland and milquetoast outside of his devotion/obsession to Sookie.  You’d think he would have put some more thought into his assassination attempt on Eric.  Sookie is incredibly stupid and flip flops way too much for me.  I honestly can’t even say I care about her beaming up to the Fae Kingdom either.  It’s not like we all don’t know she’ll be back.  Maybe she’ll learn how to control her powers and not be so fucking dumb. *shrugs*

Lafayette starts seeing people as they “truly” are and thinks he’s on the road to schizophrenia like his mom.  Jesus reveals that he’s a brujo a.k.a. a witch and that Lala isn’t going crazy but his abilities are starting to manifest and he needs to be trained.  Mmm hmm.  Still don’t trust Jesus.  Why didn’t he reveal that when they were V-trippin’?

Jason continues lookin’ for love in all the wrong places and became the de-facto leader of the Hotspot hillbilly werepanther tribe.  Of course the DEA knows he warned them about the raid so it looks like the whole Jason becomes a cop thing is finally over.  Hopefully they also forget about the whole Jason vs the high school quarterback storyline next season.  Did I miss anything?  What are your thoughts on the season finale.

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