Sloth (7 things you neglect to do)

Sloth the Indolent

1. Truly forgive people.  I may choose to let things slide for the time being but true forgiveness is something that has never really been in my nature.  I honestly don’t know if I’m capable of it.  Turning the other cheek only gives people better access to injure the other side of your face.

2.  Call people.  I’m really bad about it.  I have some anxieties about initiating conversations so it’s not something I enjoy doing.  Actually the very thought of it can make me sick at times.  It’s not that I don’t want to necessarily sometimes I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Though I’ll admit sometimes it’s also due to sheer laziness as I know I’ll get a call from whoever sooner or later.

3.  Share the gamut of my emotions with people.  I’m quite comfortable sharing my annoyance and anger with people but not so much the things that make me sad, happy, anxious, inspired, etc.

4.  Read.  I have a couple of books (one that I’ve been dying to read) and I just haven’t made the effort to pick them up and start reading.

5.  Donate some of my mom’s romance novels to the local library.  They’ve been in a box in the living room for months now and I just haven’t been inclined to take them down the street and around the corner to drop them off.  I’m thinking I’ll probably wait until I go vote on November 2nd since I’ll be in the area anyway but who knows.

6.  Take piano lessons.  I bought a keyboard a few years ago with the intention of either getting lessons or teaching myself how to play.  I’ve bought some books but still haven’t taken any lessons or read the books to teach myself how to play yet.  Maybe Val or my sister can give me some lessons.

7.  Work on my writing.  I have several ideas for books, short stories, and even a screen play or two but after jotting down a page or two or some ideas I have yet to revist and continue working on them.

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