I don’t understand the need to find controversy in everything some times.  Recently someone won a 128 million dollars and some change playing the lottery (http://www NULL.clickondetroit NULL.html).  The thing is the winning ticket was purchased at an adult bookstore (I blogged about visiting the same store in a previous post feel free to read it) and the joke is how exactly is the winner going to explain it.  Explain it?!  Seriously?  If I won that money my response would be, “I ain’t got to explain shit!”  First off there’s a window outside of the store, like at gas stations, where you can play a number really quick while waiting for the bus.  You don’t even have to go in the store to play your number(s).  Hell, even if you had to would it even matter?  Is Michigan and the federal government going to refuse to collect taxes on it because it was won at an adult bookstore?  Nope!  Will family, friends, strangers, and everyone else under the sun going to refuse to beg, swindle, and do whatever they have to do to get some of those winnings because it was won at an adult bookstore?  I doubt it, but if they have moral objections to it I’d be more than happy to take their place, ease their conscience, and cash myself out!

It’s an interesting story and cute angle to report from but it’s a no-brainer.  If that lottery machine was located deep within another chick’s pussy and playing it would net me 128.6 million dollars you best believe Val would drive me to her house and not let me leave until I won.  Hell, if that lottery machine was located on the bottom of wino’s furry, musty, piss stained balls I’d put on some gloves and get on my knees and I know for a fact you’d be lined up right behind me screaming, “I got next!”  *eyes gloss over* You have no idea what I’d do for that much money.  I don’t think you’d even want to know.

The local news supposedly have been clued in that the winner is a female named Tonya and works at the Greektown Casino.  Well, used to at least.  Tonya if you happen to read this, e-mail me your number.  I can be wherever you are in about 15 or 20 minutes, 30 minutes if I don’t run down pedestrians.

What would you be willing to do for 128 million dollars?  Let me know in the comments.

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