I cram to understand you

Bitch don’t try to romance me with Maxwell, my bedroom ain’t the set of Love and Basketball.

I honestly can’t care less about what’s going on in Egypt without actually putting in some effort, which I refuse to do.  I just wish the local news quit talking about it and the national news quit interrupting programming to talk about it.  It ain’t Friday but Fuck Mubarak!  On two related notes, one of my former math teachers in college claimed to be a cousin of his.  Couldn’t understand shit he was saying.  Seriously you’d get maybe every fourth or fifth word and would have to guess what he said based on the context of the couple of words you could understand.  He was an arrogant little ESL foreigner bastard.  Secondly, I kind of find it funny that the current person in charge of Egypt is the guy who tortured people and was the head spy for the Mubarak.  Kind of a big fat fail in terms of revolutions, huh?

I always find it kind of interesting that the U.S. always encourage foreign leaders to step down.  Somehow I don’t think President Obama would step down from office because the Tea Party was rioting in the streets of D.C. anymore than Presidents Bush, Clinton, or any of the others would have.

Note to self: Never comment on a cute chick with a fan club’s pictures or comments on Facebook because you will receive notifications for years and years and years…  Seriously, is it really that hard for them to figure out a way to only notify me when the original person replies or someone replies directly to me?  I don’t give a fuck about the other people commenting.  They usually suck anyway.

I can say that because my blog has the best comments I’ve read.  Hell, if they weren’t mine I’d read them and end up getting banned for coming around too often and not contributing.  LOL.  With that said 99% of Facebook comments I’ve read are about as boring as staring at dirt, mine included.  Not really sure why that is though.

I don’t trust chicks with gay male best friends.

For that matter I don’t trust chicks with lesbian best friends or straight male best friends for that matter either.  In my experiences I’m almost always right when I get a bad vibe about a mate’s best friend.

I think every man should have a vice.  I’m not sure which one to adopt.  I think I’m too old to start trying drugs now but there might be a couple I’d try on the down low.  I’m kind of thinking I should stick with the obvious and claim loose women as my vice.  What?!

I used to be a really jealous person when it came to my mates but thankfully I think I’ve outgrown that.  If she can make me jealous now then she’s deliberately trying to push my buttons or she’s messy as hell.  I’m much more jealous when it comes to my friends.  I don’t like sharing them or having them interact with each other.  Guess that’s one reason I’ll never have a lot of friends online because it seems like everyone wants to be friends with everybody else which will probably never be acceptable in my book or in my comfort zone.  I like, need, and demand separation.

Nightshirts are fucking hideous to me!

Where can I get some chloroform and duct tape for cheap?

I think your “exit plan” was fucked up, cowardly, and unbecoming of a mature adult but whatever.

I don’t get the point of concert movies.  *shrugs*  I bet a lot of theaters needed to be aired out over the weekend to get the underage pussy smell out of the seats for that Justin Bieber movie.  Speaking of which that little bastard really does need a haircut. I can’t stand it when grown chicks and young Black girls obsess over him like little Asian girls at a Michael Jackson concert over him.  Makes me want to trade them during the next racial drafts.

Who besides Martin Lawrence and his management thinks we wanted another Big Momma movie?  I honestly want that movie to do badly but methinks lowbrow people everywhere will flock to it like flies on shit.  Ugh!

I don’t like Willow or Jaden smith.  She looks like a boy and he looks like a girl.  I honestly hope both of them have really short movie careers.  The fact that they are considering casting Willow in a remake of Annie makes Sweet Baby Jebus cry.  I bet Will’s other son is at home mad at hell about being broke and anonymous.  LOL.

I’m catching up to you Ladynay!  You’re going down!

I haven’t seen shit about Black History month since about February 3rd.  Do people still celebrate/acknowledge it?

I kind of want a tattoo.  Don’t know if I’ll ever go through with it but the desire is there.

I hate when people send me out to get something that I don’t eat and don’t know the proper name of it.  Makes me not want to do things for people.  The least you can do is make things as easy and stress free for me as possible since I’m helping you out.

I wish I was getting some Valentine’s Day presents this year.  I love gifts even more than compliments.  What?!  I need to find me a cougar Valentine’s next year.

I’m getting restless.  I want to make a trip to Parts Unknown but as things are now looks like that may not happen for a couple of months at least.  *sigh*

What I’d do for a pleasant temporary distraction or two right about now.

I found two liter bottles of both Throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew White Out.  Best believe I snatched up the last two bottles of the Pepsi.

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