Pepé Le Pew is a filthy fucker!

Where the fuck are the couple of people I haven’t banned?

For the past several day it’s been so warm that even the snow piles have melted.  Don’t get me wrong, anyone reading me for any decent length of time knows that I love me some snow and cold weather.  So can someone explain what’s the purpose of melting all the snow only to give us more?  The forecasters are claiming everything from 4-7 inches of snow, freezing rain, 1/2″ of ice, and/or some combination of the three.  It’ll be interesting to see which if any actually pans out.

I went to see I Am Number Four Friday.  It’ll started off a bit slow and found myself wondering when does the action start but by the end I was satisfied.  I managed to snag an oversized I Am Number Four poster due to being in the right place at the right time.  I planned on having pics of it but I haven’t found anywhere to hand it up yet.  It looks to be about four feet wide and maybe five feet long so it’s even bigger than I thought it would be.  I don’t think there’s anywhere I can put it in my room that it won’t be partially obstructed by something.  Eventually, I should probably measure it so I can better manipulate some spatial relations and figure where to hang it.  So far it will either be behind my headboard or on the wall behind my DVD collection.

X-Men: The First Class looks like ass!  I’ll probably see it anyway but I’m not expecting too much.

Android finally has Words with Friends.  I downloaded it on the first day it was available in the Android market.  It’s cross platform so you can play against people with iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, as of this post, but I’m sure I’ll pop my WWF cherry soon.  If you want to play me in Words with Friends or Word Feud leave your name in the comments or e-mail me for my user names.

I’m mad Twitter banned my go to Twitter app, Twidroyd.  They also banned UberTwitter and some other app, all made by the same company.  Apparently Twitter didn’t want them using Twitter in the apps’ names.  They also didn’t want them allowing DMs over 140 characters to people with locked accounts.  Why hate on people who want some privacy?  The last major reason was a claim that some tweets were altered and ads inserted.  I’m using Plume for the moment but I might always go back to TweetCaster.  What’s your favorite Twitter app?

How the fuck do people find followers on Twitter?  All I get are bots, boring chicks that only talk to one or two people they know in real life, obnoxious chicks that have never met a retweet they didn’t like, or people that get their accounts suspended.  I’m seriously thinking of putting my main account on ice and starting my parody account.

Guess I surprised my girlfriend when I told her I downloaded some Bruno Mars.  He kind of reminds me of Iz.  Count on Me is going to get made into ring tone within the next couple of days, believe that!  I ♥ that song.  That’s what friendship means to me and why I’m so picky about the people I choose to call friends.  You would’ve thought I said I been banging some Justin Bieber in my truck.  I’ve told her of my fondness for gangsta rap and the fact that I really miss it because 90% of the people on the radio now are a bunch of clown ass niggas who I could probably rob but I’m open to a lot of stuff.  Hell, she’s the reason I love Maroon 5 and though she’d hate to know it the reason I found my favorite, same day birthday girl, Lil Mama.  *smirk*  The other surprise, which I’m not sure why, is that I love the song Oochie Wally.  I still don’t have it on mp3.  I haven’t found it on the sites I use.  I heard it’s on Limewire but I’ve never fucked with it.

What the fuck is Dr. Dre waiting for to release Detox?  Surely he must know that based on all the hype and how long people have been waiting that it’s destined to be a disappointment.

So anyone knows how to get rid of a skunk?  There’s a skunk who seems to spray downwind of window for the past few nights.  Yes, I sleep with my window at least partially open year round, unless the a/c is on.  Anyway, his/her/it’s scent is irking the fuck out of me.  Ideally, there’s some kind of skunk repellent I can spray or put around the bushes near my windows barring that I’m going to start hunting and shooting those disgusting fuckers on sight!

My cable and Internet went down Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  Why was I on the phone stuck in automated Hell for 15 minutes before I got a person and spoke to this dumbass for another 10 minutes or so before finding out there was an outage in the area?  Really?  Comcast would Crip walk on my last damn nerve but if there’s an outage one of the first things you’ll hear when calling them is that there’s an outage in the area and that they’re working on it.  Saves you a lot of time and I’m sure it cuts down on people getting cussed out.  I’m also not impressed with their claims of not being able to change the phone number on my account.  Really?  Please Verizon FIOS take me away!

Watched most of the Criminal Minds spinoff with Forest Whitaker.  I was enthralled with his left eye.  I’m honestly shocked that his eye hasn’t been nominated for an Oscar yet.

I hate the truth game app on Facebook.  Just give me the damn answer because I’m not going to jump through those hoops to earn credits to unlock the answers.  That shit is annoying!  Fortune favors the bold as do I.

You ever talk to somebody and suddenly get bored with them but don’t want to hurt their feelings?

I hate having to miss anyone.  I wish my emotions came with an off switch that I could permanently break.

Kinda horny maybe I’ll poke somebody on Facebook.  Wait, Facebook poking doesn’t involve my dick?  Well, fuck that!  You poke people your way and I’ll poke them my way.

Girl you got a lot of spunk in you.  Would you care for some more?

Who wants to be my date for a candle light dinner at White Castle next Valentine’s Day?

I love abusing the phrase “that’s a sexy bitch” when watching dog shows.  It amuses me and makes me giggle.

This year’s Grammy awards was probably the most boring award show I’ve ever seen.

Congrats to Remmy for upgrading her phone and stepping into the 21st century.  Welcome to Team Android!  Now if I could just find a way to drag my girlfriend into the 21st century even if she’s kicking and screaming.

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