Shark week

I think someone in this building is a downlow Jehovah’s Witness.  First they’re sending mail to me and then last night I looked and one of those bastards stuffed a Watchtower under my door.  *sigh*  I’m generally a live and let live type of person.  If you don’t fuck with me then I don’t fuck with you.  I don’t believe in the need for or purpose of any organized religion.  With that said it irks the fuck out of me when people try to proselytize me.  Not only that but honestly it offends me and I find it disrespectful as hell!  I see I’m going to have to act ignorant with some of Jehovah’s folks in order for them to get the point.  What is the point?  Leave me the fuck alone and skip me with that bullshit.  I didn’t ask to hear it, I don’t want to hear it, and by god (who I don’t believe even exists) I’m not going to hear it!  I think it’s basically going to come down to me catching them sneaking around my door and greeting them with a scowl and my rifle.  I hear scaring them tends to emphasize the point that I want to be left alone.  I really, really can’t stand them.  Annoying ass bastards!

The one week a year the Discovery Channel is relevant is upon us.  I kid but it’s kind of true.  LOL.  It’s Shark Week dammit!  I wish the love I have for this programming could be felt through these words and make all of you warm and fuzzy.  Those sharks are hardcore!   Seeing them leap out of the water and biting a seal in half is crazy!  Freddy, Jason, Michael?  Nope, those great white sharks had me screaming at the TV.  I swear White people are special and by special I mean helmet wearing, window licking, and short yellow bus riding glory!  Who the hell goes surfing at a beach known for having sharks?  I always laugh when I hear people knew of certain facts, did what the hell they wanted to anyway, and then end up getting fucked up while doing it.  The first thing out of their mouths is, “I didn’t think it would happen to me.”  Oh you thought you were special!  Newsflash, you’re not! Some fool kissed a shark on the snout and got bit on the lip.  He ended up getting 285 stitches in his lip and mouth to reattach his lip and this delusional dummy is still claiming that the shark didn’t intentionally bite him.  Really?  Um okay, if that helps you sleep at night.  The only way Shark Week could top things off is by adding a Shark vs. (other animals) show or by featuring real (and preferably live) footage of people and things being attacked by sharks.  Have you been watching Shark Week?  

I know everybody and their mama would be appalled and never allow it but I’d like to see a show like Deadliest Warrior featuring various animals fighting against each other to the death.  Well, actually there was a show like that but I want one that doesn’t recreate the fight or gets weighed down by conjecture.  I want to see the live battle like shark vs. octopus, lion vs. bull, or gorilla vs. bear, for examples.  I wouldn’t mind seeing real life gladiator fights either for that matter but I’m sure that won’t happen either.

I finally got hold of my mom’s computer and attempted to speed up her computer’s start-up times.  I deleted quite a few things and changed settings on other stuff.  It seems like my mom has never come across a program she didn’t like.  *sigh*  Personally, I would’ve formatted her hard drive and started over free of most of the junk on there but I showed some restraint.  

I almost lost my mind a few days ago.  My phone randomly started acting up.  It kept trying to start up in car mode about every 30 seconds.  I pulled the battery, rebooted it, and even shut it off and restarted it but it still kept trying to start up in car mode.  The car mode trying to constantly start would force close Twitter, Facebook, or anything else I tried to do.  That wasn’t all either because for awhile my phone would only work make or receive calls in speakerphone.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to wipe the root on my phone and take it in to the Sprint store.  Apparently this is a known problem on several models of HTC phones so I looked up potential solutions, did a couple of simple things, and my phone appears to be back to normal.  

See those pics of my baby mama #2, Rihanna, in Barbados?  Mmm, good googly moogly!  If I had a girlfriend I would cheat with Rihanna on top of her.  

Black people from the islands kind of annoy me though with the whole, I’m not black I’m [insert country].  You’re still a nigger, you’re just an island nigger.   A confused, delusional (suffering from some type of self hatred), sugar cane, and pineapple head, island ass nigger.  Don’t forget that but if you do I’ll be around to remind you.  Bumbaclot!  *snickers*

Anyone know how many devices I can watch Netflix on at the same time?

I won two passes to see Final Destination 5 next week.  Wasn’t the last movie supposed to be the final Final Destination?  Looks like someone doesn’t quite understand the definition of final.  Not sure if I’ll end up going as my mom is having an outpatient procedure tomorrow…at 6:30 in the fucking morning.  Seriously?  Why schedule surgeries so damn early?  I think the least they can do is have somewhere comfy for me to lay down.  I hate mornings!  

My foot is feeling better.  I’d say it’s about 80-85%.  I can put weight on it and not wince when trying to put on my shoe or stubbing my toe.

Why is it that the people you want to be bothered with don’t and the people you don’t want to be bothered with won’t leave you the fuck alone?

Been doing some reading/research about Nashville and I’m kind of liking what I’ve been reading.  Well, besides the high ass sales tax.  I like the apartments in Parts Unknown and like the area in general.  I have to start researching Atlanta.

I hate people on Twitter with 1,000 followers whining about how they need more.   How much is enough?  Does anybody else secretly wish people start unfollowing people when they start sending out “I’m 40 people away from 5,000 followers” tweets?  

Everyone wants to hate but no one wants to be called a hater.

Is Rio worth buying or should I just rent it?

Kwame Kilpatrick is out of prison, well, at least until next year.  Among the possessions he left with, the Department of Corrections gave him two condoms.  Seems to me those condoms might be more useful inside of prison when you’re assraping other inmates or being assraped yourself.  Nobody fresh out of a prison stint is trying to use a condom.  

Why do they sterilize the needles used to give inmates lethal injections?  At this point isn’t he/she about to die anyway?  Is anyone really worried about them getting an infection or disease?

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