I wholeheartedly agree with part one of the above photo but I’d love to experience some that devil vagina magic.  Sounds absolutely enthralling!  Kind of reminds me of the days I used to dabble around with the occult.  Some black sex magic might be fun.  Maybe then I’ll finally get my cuckoo for cocoa cock stalker.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

I’ve been listening to Whitney most of the night since I found out about her death.  I rectified a couple of wrongs.  One, letting the battery die in my mp3 and 2.) not having any Whitney Houston on my Kindle Fire.  I still need to download more Whitney in general as I only have her greatest hits and last album.

I’ve chatted with Val on IM a couple of times in the past week.  Apparently Trillian on the Kindle Fire plays by rules it hasn’t felt the need to make me aware of.  I feel some kind of way about it but I can’t quite place my finger on the emotion(s).  Chatting with her while listening to Ms. Houston probably wasn’t the best idea either.  I listen to her music when I’m in love, during breakups, and when I’m just trying to get out of my feelings.  The combo stirred up some feelings, I guess.  Apparently a little birdie told her about some possible plans I have in a few months and I was made known of that fact.   I’m going to have to do something about that leak sooner or later.  Anyway, she invited me for a meal at “our” favorite pizza place.  I told her I would be now I’m having second, third, and fourth thoughts.  Truth of the matter is I’m not ready to be just friends with her.  I feel like being just friends at this point in general is a slap in the face because it’s a pretty severe demotion.   I miss her but platonic friendship is really low on my radar right now.  I’d rather be alone then just platonic friends with pretty much anyone, well, unless she has a ton of slutty friends and relatives and she loves playing matchmaker.

I’ve had three women ask me about other women in the past week.  Why is it that women who aren’t fucking you always want to know about my love life and/or what I’m doing for or with other chicks?  I guess my problem with it comes from the questions seeming nosy rather than genuine and sincere and the fact that they don’t act like they want to be in a position where the questions might actually be their business.

I was asked why I still talked to Val.  Well, there’s something to be said about familiarity, ease, and comfort, I suppose.  We don’t really talk that much but it’s nice not having to guess and be patient while learning and getting to know someone else.   There’s the whole feeling unnoticed, lonely, and being bored with everything and I kind of like the attention, as random and temporary as it is.  I get it where I can fit it in.  For the record, I still haven’t contacted her but I don’t chase her off while angrily waving a stick.

The dating site has kind of been a bust.  Maybe I should go back to MySpace.  I can’t even say I had a laugh at some of the ridiculous and stupid people and responses I’ve gotten because they weren’t.  They were dull, uninspired, and boring.  I hate being bored and I hate boring.  Think I’m going to deactivate or delete my profile there.  Either that or just fuck with the married chicks looking for some dick on the side.  Not sure if drama equals excitement but it’s close enough for the moment.  Maybe I should just wait until after my trip.  I’m pretty certain my next boobaby will be a Southern girl, hopefully with a jiggly soft retarded donkey ass and who gives me a daily state of her panties report.  What?!  Please, please, please don’t introduce me to any transplant Detroiters.  You know with my luck I’ll probably meet a chick who lived around the corner from me.  LOL.

The Grammy’s was straight wack juice!  I don’t see what all the hype over Adele is about.  Don’t get me wrong, her voice is okay but her material is kind of boring and sounds like something my mom listened to.  To hear people talking about getting goosebumps and shivers and shit, I just don’t see it (hear it  or feel it for that matter).  Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of I Will Always Love You sucked!  There, I said it.  She sounded awful even without getting emotional and crying.  Part of it was that it’s too soon to hear other people singing her material, yes, I actually know that I Will Always Love You is originally a Dolly Parton song, from one of my favorite movies/musicals too I might add.  The other thing is Jennifer just doesn’t seem to have the range or a pleasant enough voice to do that song justice in my opinion.  I was kind of hoping David Otunga would run out and hit her with a chair shot or two.  Too many aging aged rockers, rappers being autotune R&B singers, and a bunch of people I couldn’t pick out of a lineup.  Thankfully, the second half of season The Walking Dead, season two began last night so I didn’t have to suffer through that boredom.

Tis the season for Papa Romano’s heart shaped pizza!  I want one.  I also want a Shamrock shake from Mickey D’s.

I’ve always wanted to be serenaded by a woman, unfortunately, I’ve never been with a woman that could carry a note even if I put it in a backpack for her.  Seriously, they screech so badly I get visits from the Humane Society asking me, “What am I doing to those poor dogs?”

Finished my Valentine’s shopping.  Had I more time and info, I would’ve chosen something else for part of it but it is what it is and hopefully she likes it.  *****Well, I know she likes the first part!  She said thank you a bunch of times.  Yay me!*****  Fortunately after my mom’s birthday I don’t have any more presents I need to concern myself about until possibly Christmas.  Oh wait, there’s Mother’s Day, damn it!

I had a dirty dream about someone over the weekend.  My mind can really be perverted at times, even when it’s against my will.  

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day or will it just be another Tuesday?  What will you be doing?  Who will you be doing?  Feel free to e-mail or text me graphic details, pictures, and videos.  What?!  Don’t judge me damn it!

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