April 12, 2012

I haven’t posted anything in a minute.  Sorry about that.  There really isn’t a whole lot going on.  Still it would be nice to have a post from the month of April so voila!  Hey, I never said it was going to be a great post.  LOL!

Gas isn’t quite that high but it’s still high enough to make the above caption true.  With that said I’d really like to “chill” with someone soon.

I think I’m going to bite the bullet and resubscribe to satellite radio.  I reactivated my satellite radio.  Six months for $25 plus tax and fees. When that offer expires I’ll cancel and hopefully get the same offer again.  You should not be paying full price for it.  I can’t imagine all the driving I’m going to be doing and having to search for something good to listen to and I’m not trying to unpack my CDs or listen to my mother’s.  The funny thing is there’s a particular part in my journey where satellite signals just taps out.  The GPS and satellite radio will go crazy.  As for my cell phone, I won’t have to worry about 4G or 3G signals I’ll be lucky for GPRS.  I hate driving in that area.  It’s beautiful but besides thinking of rockslides and being raped my crazed mountain men who like my soft, perty lips, if anything happens to you it’s going to be a minute before you get some help.  My trip got pushed back a day so my mom can see my sister’s fashion show.  Her class, as part of a project, is designing clothes for a fashion show.  Maybe I can hit on some up and coming models.

It never really occurred to me for some reason that if I found a place I like in the first city I’m visiting then there’s technically not a need to visit the second.  I just kind of assumed I’d look at both and if I fall in love with something from the first city that I’d just drive back on the way home.  Oh well.  I am a little worried about the actual move of the furnishings and stuff.  Seems like it’s going to be expensive, really expensive.  I need to get rid of some stuff.  I’m thinking of maybe selling some of the smaller stuff and calling Goodwill or someone to get the larger stuff.  I think I’ll definitely pare some things down but I imagine the truck is still going to be full.  Well, at least I don’t have to drive that bitch.

I really need to start packing but it’ll wait until I get back.  Anyone want to help me?  Me licky licky if you do.

Well assuming I stick with Sprint my next phone will probably either be the HTC Evo 4G LTE or the Samsung Galaxy Note.  I’m kind of leaning towards the Note.  That 5.3 inch screen has me coveting it as my next piece of tech ass.  What?!  I can’t upgrade until July so I’m anxiously awaiting.  I’m kind of over my Evo 3D.  I’m ready for something new.

I finally got to see Hunger Games today.  I always feel a bit torn about movies based on books.  Do you read the book first or see the movie first?  When you read the book you flesh out the characters and map out the world in your head first and then compare and contrast the director’s vision to your own.  Usually my vision wins because it’s awesome and just better but sometimes the movie blows you away.  Usually though you wind up kind of disappointed and/or questioning why certain decisions were made.  I haven’t read the book yet but the movie was kind of watered down.  I suspect partially because of the age of some of the characters and partially due to it being rated PG-13.  I really wish PG-13 was never created.  They always leave me feeling disappointed in someway yet I still keep going back.  I briefly considered skipping the book based on the movie but I’m sure a lot of the book was condensed severely or never made it’s way into the film.  I’m starting to lean towards the read the book first camp.

After the movie, my mom and I stopped at a new cupcake spot that opened nearby.  The back row is mine.  From left to right it’s stuffed chocolate cream, salted caramel, and orange creamsicle.  My mom got German chocolate, salted caramel, and a red velvet cupcake.  Trust me when I say that these cupcakes will not survive the weekend.  Is it wrong to be glad I don’t have kids or a fuck buddy so I don’t have to share my cupcakes?  *shrugs* Well, even if it is I don’t care.  Just because I helped give you life or share bodily fluids with you doesn’t mean you get to share my cupcakes.  

Saw a picture on Twitter of a boy who was decapitated (http://www NULL.myfoxdetroit NULL.com/dpp/news/local/decapitated-teens-father-outraged-says-photos-posted-online-20120412-ms) in a car accident in Detroit.  (Don’t worry the link isn’t to the actual picture.) Somehow when everything was said and done the head was on the sidewalk and the body ended up landing on top of a nearby building.  Still not sure how that happens but that must have been one hell of a crash.  Anyway, the news reported that eyewitnesses saw people walking up to the severed head and pulling out their camera phones to take pictures of it.  As sick as that is I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t be tempted to take a picture too if I saw something like that.  Soon as I saw the story I knew I’d find it on Twitter eventually and I did about a day or two later without even actively looking for it.  

Prison jump suits look kind of comfy.  If I could get one without going to prison I think I would.  One of our local counties used to sell them years ago.

I’m anxiously awaiting the NFL draft.  I wish I had given football a chance when I was younger.  I’m going to miss my Lions but since I claimed them when they sucked I’ll continue claiming them as they improve.  

Does anyone still participate in April fool’s jokes?  It’s gotten so bad that I have started to skip some of my regular info sites on the April 1st because I just can’t trust what they’re going to print. Usually you can catch it but there’s always one article that sounds legit enough.  

Are there any cities with an MLK street, boulevard, or whatever that isn’t crime ridden and sucks?  I ask because I read an article about some celebrities looking for drugs and they said they always asked about or looked for an MLK street because you can always find drugs there.  

Kanye needs his ass whooped for that Theraflu song.  

You ever give somebody your number or address but not your name?  Yeah, I shouldn’t answer e-mails when I’m tired.  LOL.  

Android users, what do you think of instagram?  Have you used it?  Is it just pictures for hipsters?  Know of any freaky chicks with freaky pics on instagram?  What?!  

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