Scabs & crack

No plans for Memorial Day weekend.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I need to finish packing and start cleaning.  I’d also like to get out to see Men In Black 3 too but we’ll see.  Hired some people to take away stuff we don’t want and to bring over some stuff out of storage.  Looks like that will be a few hours.  My room hasn’t been this spacious in years.  Can’t even say I’m sad to see my desk gone.  Damn, I need to wash clothes too, though that can kind of wait.  Half of my clothes are bagged and ready to go.  I need to bag some more and the rest I’ll be taking with me.  I’m feeling kind of anxious for this to all be over.  Yeah, I know there’s still the other half of the move but I’m hoping and thinking that should be easier and a lot faster.

I’m finally starting to switch my location on different sites.  It feels kind of weird getting Groupons and Amazon Local deals from the new city.  I updated my profile and changed my location on my dating site.  I’ve chatted with a few women in my new city.  Assuming they’re not on the same old bullshit chicks from here are on I think I’m going to like it there.  I just wish they were more talkative.  They keep giving me phone numbers and we haven’t even exchanged a dozen sentences yet.  Ok, that might be a bit factious but really, I don’t like calling strangers out of the blue and if I haven’t talked to you enough to get a feel for you then you are just that a stranger.  Another thing that bothers me is the fact that so many chicks there seem to wave the Christian flag.  They always claim to be in church on Sunday and want a god fearing man.  Feels like I’m on a Christian dating site sometimes.  It’s not, by the way.  Another thing that bothers me is the whole god fearing thing.  Didn’t 1 John 4:18 say, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has to do with punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.”  How can you love someone that you fear?  I’m feeling really random at the moment, sorry for the digression.

The older I get the worse my anxiety about calling people becomes.  I was supposed to call someone Monday but kept talking myself out of it and finding excuses why not to do it.  So I was supposed to call today and I just stared at the phone or tried to find an excuse not to.  Mind you this is someone I’m generally very comfortable with but we haven’t spoken in ages and calling was really difficult.  Seems like I really am a creature of habit.  I’m used to doing the things I’ve been doing.  If we talk regularly then I’m used to doing so and if for whatever reason that stops then things kind of revert for me and I treat you like you’re brand spanking new.  Anyway, I finally called and the person wasn’t even home.  I used to hate texting with a passion but now if given a choice it’s usually my preferred means of communication with most people.  Some I greatly prefer hearing their voice and talking to and some I’m good either way.  I might have to look into working on that anxiety/phobia.

So we’ve had a safe that belonged to my grandfather since he died years ago.  We couldn’t find a key for it and my mom finally decides to call a locksmith.  He couldn’t pick it so he ended up drilling the lock.  I’m guessing my mom didn’t watch or remember that debacle when Geraldo Rivera opened up Al Capone’s vault.  Well, just like the dead gangsta’s vault my grandfather didn’t leave anything of note and my mom was out $265 for her curiosity.  Glad I didn’t pay for it or a broken foot (from kicking the safe) would’ve been my second injury of the day.  Dude should’ve offered us discount considering all the ass cleavage he showed us or at least some eye bleach.  Don’t think I’ll be having any erections tonight.  Ugh!  Oh yeah, my right leg is now aching.  Great.

Speaking of injuries, I haven’t skinned my knee since I was a teen, I think but sure enough I did it today… in two different spots too… and in front of a hottie.  Fuck my life!  Hey, I finally used that overused phrase!   Now I just want to roll around while clutching my knee and screaming oww in slow motion like Peter Griffin.  Ok not really but the thought did come to mind for the briefest of moments.  Now I’m rocking two big, blue band-aids on my knee courtesy of my mom.  Kind of reminds me of being a kid except it didn’t really hurt and I wasn’t crying.  Well, I should have some nice scabs to pick show off when I arrive at my new place.

When did the post office start charging to forward your mail?

I saw Battleship last week.  Surprisingly no one uttered, “You sank my battleship!”  Unfortunately, Rihanna didn’t have a shower or sex scene.  She was actually kind of annoying in the movie.  Oh I’d still smash her in your grandma’s bed though.


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