What’s happening?  Not much here.  I’ve been getting to know my neighborhood a little better.  I’m starting to feel comfortable enough to venture out to some places without using my GPS.  I may have been born in the morning but not yesterday morning so trust that I always have it nearby because I hate being lost!

I’m finally going to get my driver’s license Monday.  For some reason I’ve been a bit leery about the written test.  I don’t know why as I would be quite shocked if I failed.  I just haven’t taken one or had to take one in over a decade and the thought of having to do it again doesn’t really please me.  It has to be done though so I’m ready to knock it out.  I still haven’t decided on what I want for my vanity plates.  North Carolina has a lot of different plates and most of them are hideously ugly as fuck.  Not to mention the fact that for some reason their DMV site refuses to give you a definitive price on how much things cost.  Val says I should just call and ask but I don’t want to and honestly, I shouldn’t have to.  Whenever possible I prefer doing my transactions online and not talking to people.  Why should I have to talk to someone when I should be able to look up the info I need  quickly enough online.   

Finding a credit union to join here is proving to be a bit difficult and annoying.  At this rate I may have to settle for a bank.  I need something local because mailing my deposits back to my current credit union just isn’t very practical.  

The online dating thing has pretty much stalled.  I’ve chatted with lots of people but have yet to actually meet any.  The problem is two-fold.  The chicks I’m attracted to don’t generally live close by.  While I’ve accepted adjusting or giving up the 30 minute rule I can’t see myself driving 70 miles or 90 minutes in some cases for a first meeting with someone whom I have no guarantee of liking.  Apparently, that isn’t a big thing around here but I guess I still have that Detroit mentality and it’s going to take awhile for me to shed that, if ever.  The local, or closer, chicks I’ve chatted with I find either boring, unattractive, or worse yet both.   Though some could probably be friends just settling for a friend seems kind of like settling and defeat to me.  I hate both.  Honestly, I’m starting to think I’m going to have to go back to fucking with much younger chicks to avoid the women with 3-5 kids and/or grown kids.

So I got a call from Ms. Black & Wild yesterday.  She’s the one who’s thinking of moving down here in a couple of years.  Anwyay, she came down here with a girlfriend who is visiting someone.  Unfortunately, she’s in the sticks about 2.5 hours away.  I don’t think I’m going to see her this time around.  Maybe when gas is south of $3 I might be willing to venture out a bit farther but as it is unless there’s a guarantee of some pussy… proven pussy then I’m just not interested in even entertaining the thought.

I haven’t been to the movies since Avengers 3D.  I’m really behind on my movie watching.  I need to make that up.  I’ll definitely be seeing The Dark Knight Rises but there are at least three or four movies I want to see now.   One thing I miss about Michigan is that the matinees were definitely cheaper, even at the places I considered expensive.

I want a puppy but I don’t want to pay the deposit.  I also want another pit bull which I’m not supposed to have here.  I definitely prefer something pure bred as opposed to a mutt and something that’s going to be on the larger side of medium if not a large breed dog.  Just have to find something I want that isn’t banned here.  

Had a weird nightmare about feral cats recently.  I was in a house full of cats but I couldn’t tell the domesticated ones apart from the feral ones.  You’d go to pet one and the next minute it was hissing at you and attacking you.  Finally, I ended up claiming a bedroom and kicking all the cats out of it but when I went to sleep more cats appeared in my bed… feral cats.  Guess I need to stay off of Twitter before going to bed.  Though I wonder why do grown men post so damn many pictures of cats online?  Dogs I understand but cats?  I seriously don’t get.

I played with the Samsung Galaxy Note a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, it was just a model but it gave me some idea of the size and weight.  It’s a big ass phone, no ifs, ands, or buts about it but I have thick fingers and hands.  I’m mad that they gave AT&T an exclusive on it.  It’s supposed to expire soon if it hasn’t already but there’s already talk about a Galaxy Note 2 coming out in October.  That’s around the same time the iPhone 5 or whatever they’re going to call it should be out.  I also played with a white EVO LTE.  I wish they’d just release all the colors at launch.  I’d be pissed if I bought a phone and found out that they were releasing a purple one or some other color I wanted a month or two later.  I think I’m going to wait to see what’s coming out this fall before I use my upgrade renewal.  

I joined Meetup to find some groups/hobbies I might be interested in joining.  I was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices but I’m hoping I’ll be able to narrow things down to something doable for me.  

Anybody check out the new Dallas on TNT?  Cliff and J.R. have aged horribly!  I’m not sure I’m going to keep it on my DVR list but it’s kind of growing on me, I guess.  

There’s a new poll up.  If you have any suggestions for a poll topic then please share.  I’m going to try to put something up at least once a month.

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