Saturday the 14th

Yeah, it’s neither Saturday nor the 14th, deal with it.

The triple digit temperatures are gone for now.  *does the Cat Daddy*  I kid I can’t do that dance.  *hangs head in shame* It’s been raining for the past couple of days and the temps have been cooler.  I actually gave the a/c a rest and have the windows open.    Still can’t wait for fall to come though.  I saw a baby lizard outside my front door.  Wish I knew what type it was but it was a deep blue and green and beautiful looking.  By the time I thought about taking a picture it hightailed it for the grass and pretty much disappeared.  I was reminded that I live by the water so there are a bunch of riverland creatures hiding out and waiting to be discovered.  As long as they stay outside we’ll be cool.  Anything that breeches the threshold will be stomped the fuck out into a gooey paste.  I also saw something I’ve never seen before, a baby praying mantis.

I’m half tempted to get a kayak and go down the river behind my place.  On second thought I want something shorter, wider, and more stable.  The river isn’t really suitable for it but I’ve always wanted to go white water rafting.  Might want to put in a few swimming lessons before I seriously consider partaking in white water rafting.

I don’t understand how people can not tweet a damn thing and have 700+ followers and I can’t even crack double digits for more than a month.  Are you serious?!  I’m not even going to lie, that shit is annoying.  If my self esteem was a bit lower than I might be a little hurt too.   I just find it odd and further proof that me and social networks probably aren’t a good mix.  

I told my mom that she needed to get a hobby.  Her response was, “Why? You don’t have any hobbies.”  *sigh*  Yes, I do I just don’t have any friends to partake in any hobbies with.  I’ve seen some groups I might be interested in joining but a lot of them appear to want you to jump right in and participate.  Unfortunately, that’s not really my style.  I like to scope things out and get a feel for the new people and environment or to put it more succinctly I’m just not very outgoing and tend to be standoffish in new situations and around new people.  When I feel pressured to do anything I get anxiety and either won’t do it or at the very least put it off until the absolute last minute.

My sister changed plans for the 4th of July and didn’t come here.  Supposedly, she’ll be here next week.  That should be interesting.  She wants to grill.  I hope it isn’t 100 and hell degrees outside while she’s trying to grill or I feel sorry for her.  Oh I’ll still eat some of it though.  I’ve been dying for some burgers on the grill and I look forward to getting my fill.  

I keep having dreams about one of my former dogs.  I wonder if that means I should adopt a fur baby or if it means something else entirely?  Either way that pet deposit is a bitch (no pun intended.)    

I want some blackout curtains.  These cheap ass blinds don’t do shit about filtering light and I like sleeping in a cool, dark room.  

Where the fuck do I find a plastic pizza cutter around here?  Can’t find one locally to save my life.  I can’t believe I’m going to have to go online to order one.  

I’m glad I went with Time Warner cable instead of DirecTV after all those channels got dropped.  I still have to figure out some way to see some Lions games this fall.  I don’t really give a fuck about the Panthers though I might try to see a game this year.

The year round schools have already started the new school year last week.  I’d be mad as hell if I was a kid going to school during that heatwave.  Hell, I’d be mad at having to go in the summer especially if I had friends or siblings who aren’t in a year round school and they get to play, sleep, have adventures or whatever while I have to broil my ass on that yellow bus and look at them laughing at me.  As a parent though, it might be cool.  LOL.

I had the most annoying conversation with a customer service rep.  The man sounded like an automated recording with an Indian accent.  It took so much for me not to stick a pen in my ears and burst my eardrums.  I wish calls had an option to speak to an English speaking person in America.

Speaking of annoying, I’m tired of the usual characters calling my house phone.  I haven’t even given out the number and it rings everyday with the local newspaper not saying a damn thing and hanging up, some bingo place, a couple of charities, and plenty of wrong numbers.  How the fuck are you going to tell me that you don’t have the wrong number because you called so and so just last week?  *Riley voice*  You lie nigga!  If you called this number last week you talked to me and I don’t talk to dudes like that so…  

People from Texas never let you forget that they’re from Texas.  Seriously, they’ll mention it every chance they get.  People from New York will never let you forget how much better everything is in New York.  I always want to punch them in the throat and tell them to stay their asses in their $1500 a month, 500 square foot, one bedroom, tired ass looking apartment and shut the fuck up!

Don’t really understand all the hype over 50 Shades of Grey.  I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet but I seriously doubt it can even come close to touching Anne Rice’s Exit to Eden (the book is way better than the movie) let alone The Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty series.  If those books don’t turn you on then you’re probably not someone I’d enjoy sleeping with.  What?!  I’m just speaking the truth.

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