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The community I live in is having a pet adoption fair next month.  If you adopt a pet then the pet deposit and pet fees are waved.  I think I’m going to go and have a look.  On one hand I want a puppy and have wanted one since I had to give up my last furbaby (not my fault).  On the other hand there’s a part of me that likes not being responsible for anyone or anything other than myself.  I have no idea which side is going to win out but I guess we’ll find out in September.  At least I’m fairly certain that the dogs they have won’t be restricted.  I just hope they aren’t ugly little ankle biters.

My sister and her hot friend came through last week and stayed a week.  It took everything in me to be able to resist nuzzling against her arms.  It was a bit different having a house full of girls again.  It was good that my mom had someone to hang out with.  It was also fun ganging up on my mom about her newly emerging old lady ways.   It also made me realize that I probably need to work on my social skills.  I swear my sister’s friend must think I don’t like her.  I’ve just never really been the type to say hi, goodbye, good morning, or all that other stuff.  Well, at least I’m not the type to say it if it’s not said to me first.  Good thing her friend has never tried to engage me early in the morning because the best she’d likely get from me is a grunt and a head nod.  Yeah, I’d better work on that, especially if I get a dog, otherwise she’s going to be one evil bitch.  LOL.  Who knows maybe I’ll go against tradition and get a male dog.  I doubt it but you never know.

I was with Val for almost four years and my sister never met her.  It wasn’t so much by design as it was circumstances.  I tend to be very private/secretive or sneaky according to my exes.  They didn’t meet during this trip either.  Things just didn’t work out again.  Maybe next time.  My sister was acting jealous that I bought Val a present.  She said I must still her if I’m getting her presents even after we broke up.  Her friend got in on the act too.  Truth is I don’t exchange gifts with a lot of people.  I never really have.  I used to resent that a lot.  I still resent it sometimes, truth be told but now I’ve gotten used to not exchanging gifts and the concept feels somewhat foreign to me.  I don’t even exchange gifts with Val anymore.  I just got something for her because I wanted to, I could, and I felt a little bad that she didn’t do anything for her birthday.  I assumed she was going out but apparently she didn’t.  I really only exchange gifts with my mom and lately one of my lurkers.  We haven’t exchanged gifts since we were kids so I don’t know what she expects.  If there’s no present waiting for me on my birthday, which is before hers, then there’s no reason to expect one from me on yours.  As for Christmas, if we don’t agree to exchange gifts by about my birthday then hit me up next year.  Call me selfish, I’ll own it, but unless I’m making out better in the exchange it’s kind of a waste of money and time to exchange gifts.  I’d rather buy me something that I know I will like then you getting you something that I hope you like and hoping that I get something from you that I like.  Does that make any sense?  Scheduling/communication issues seems to have prevented me from giving Val her gift twice already.  One more chance then I’m keeping it.  I’m only partially joking about that.  

Val surprised me recently when out of the blue, she said that she wasn’t ready for me to move on and start dating yet.  I never expected to hear that.  

To play devil’s advocate Gabby Douglas’ hair looked like a slave revolt occurred on her neck.  Sure she won a bunch of medals but she still looked like a damn Monchichi doll (probably before your time but Google it).  I’m sure someone’s going to get mad but you know what?  I don’t give a fuck.  *sigh* People been clowning Lebron’s hairline for how long and unlike Gabby a large percentage of those motherfuckers fit the text book definition of player hater.   Yeah, I know it’s practical and even necessary for her to pull her back like that to compete.  Maybe she needs to put a relaxer in it or use another handful of gel to hold it down.  I don’t think the hair debate should overshadow anything even if that was one of the saddest struggle ponytails I’ve seen on a female who isn’t missing at least half a dozen teeth.

What was the deal with the beach volleyball players wearing bikinis over the full body spandex?  One or the other but not both, it just looks kind of odd.

Looking at some of those asses and the titty slip I have a new found appreciation for women’s water polo.

Preseason football is here.  Damn last minute field goals!  Go Lions!

I want to taste some body butter.  

I read Dead Reckoning recently.  It’s book 11 out of the True Blood series.  I almost read the whole book in five or six hours.  Instead I decided to get some sleep that night and finished it the next day.  I hate waiting for books to come out in paperback because they take forever.  Well, why not buy the hardcover or the Kindle version, Freaky?  For starters the price of the hardcover is usually at least twice the cost of the paperback and the Kindle versions of the books I want tend to be closer to the hardcover prices than the paperback prices.  Besides being cheap, there’s also the matter that I have the collection in paperback and buying one of the books in hardcover just messes up the set.  The rumor is that the series is going to end with book 13.

I may have to break down and buy George R.R. Martin’s Dance with Dragons in hardcover because I can’t wait until 2013 for the paperback.  *sigh*  I need my Game of Thrones fix now!

I perused the book section of  Target and right next to the 50 Shades of Grey books are The Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice.  It’s freaky as hell and definitely not mommy porn.  I may have to scoop up the set one of these days.  I must say though it’s about damn time her publishers cashed in on the current S&M craze and reprinted the series.  Though it’s kind of odd seeing something that graphic on Target shelves.

Home shopping shows always remind me of the two-faced kids I grew up with.  They’ll hype the hell out of a product and then one night you’ll be watching and they’ll be shitting all over what they claimed was the greatest thing since peanut butter & jelly while showing off a competitor’s version of the same item.  

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot more advertising on FB lately?  Between the sponsored posts and friends pimping the hell out of whatever item, product, or cause they want the world to think about it’s getting kind of tough to escape it.  I understand people want and need to get paid but there’s only a certain amount of time in a short period that you can keep pushing something before you annoy me, I tune you out, and your message falls on deaf ears.  

A couple of nights ago I had a dream about two chicks I’ve had crushes on.  They never showed up at the same time or interacted with each other and I didn’t even try to sleep with them.  I know that’s a major shocker.  When I woke up I felt kind of melancholy because the dream ended abruptly and I wanted it to continue.  I was happy there with two women I liked and who liked me.  Sometimes I wonder if I die in my sleep will I continue on in the dream (as some form of afterlife) or if everything will abruptly go dark?  


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