Hate to be the bearer of bad news but…


Autumn is finally here!  Fall is generally my favorite season and I’m interested to see if and how it differs here from Detroit. I can already see the leaves behind my place getting some color.  I’d love to see how that wooded area and the river looks with a coat of snow but if it happens that’s still months away from now.  It’s been pretty cool temperature wise around here.  Last night the low was in the 40s.  I opened the window, wrapped myself up in my blanket, and slept the sleep of the dead.  Oh man it felt good.  A few more nights like this and I think I’ll be ready to break out this mint cocoa I brought during the summer. Mmmmm mint cocoa.

Haven’t seen any sign of lizards around since I evicted the last one.  The patio screen is now back in the track and a new weather strip is under the front door.  Hopefully, I don’t see any more of them around.  I haven’t seen any snakes around here but I’ve heard they’re around too.  Stay outside and away from me and we’ll be cool.

Less than two weeks and counting until my birthday!  Woohoo!  I’ve been updating my wish list.  It’s a nice option to have because I never know what I want from any given day and you never know how much they’re trying to spend on your present.  Money is always good with me though.  Seriously, I don’t consider it an insult at all.  Some people will go on and on about how impersonal money is and how it lacks thought.  Let’s keep it real, I don’t think most people know me well enough to just pick out a gift for me, without a decent amount of input, that I would love and use.  That’s one of the reasons why I generally dislike shopping for women.  It requires to much thought, I’m not knowledgeable (or interested in things they like like fashion for example), and when everything is said and done I honestly think it’s ridiculous that some people believe I know them well enough to pick out a gift for them without some input.  Sure I could get you something I like or something I think you might like but that’s risky and if you don’t like it or use it then it’s a waste of my time, thought, and money.  Guess I should e-mail a link for my wish list to a couple of people soon.   I need to leave enough time for my stuff to ship.  LOL.

I got called a goody two-shoes because I wouldn’t take another shot of tequila or smoke any weed.  I had a little buzz and was feeling nice.  I wasn’t trying to go any further.  I usually end up puking my guts out when I drink on an empty stomach.  That’s not a good look.  I hadn’t eaten anything for hours before hand or until about noon the next day so I wasn’t trying to get wasted.  As for the weed, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to smoke it I’ve just lacked the desire.  It’s also kind of a point of pride to be able to say that I’m the only or one of the few people I know who has never done it. If everyone likes it or does it then it loses most of it’s appeal to me.  *shrugs*  I also don’t care for the smell of it.  Now if I were to do a drug I’d probably be more interested in sextacy, roofies, and hallucinogenics.   Even then I’d want an experienced druggie user that I trusted to guide me.

Got a call a few nights ago from Val.  I almost didn’t answer.   Seems like we usually chat via text and whenever it’s a call it’s usually something bad.  She was going through some stuff and I ended up being the designated strong shoulder to cry on.  I didn’t offer any opinions on how to fix her situation.  I just listened to her, held her, and let her cry, then Dr. Freaky provided some sex therapy.  What?!  Oh I was also my charming, funny, and entertaining self.  Sometimes I wish I had someone like me in my own life; someone that would listen to me vent from time to time, without judging, or otherwise disappointing me with their response.

We got to talking about my birthday later that night.  I’m not really afraid of getting older but I’m also not looking forward to it.  I told her that once I hit 30 it seemed like my perception of time changed.  Either the passage of time sped up or my perception of it did.  The gray hair sucks though.  I noticed my first gray hair in my mid to late 20s.  It was only one that showed up on the crown of my head from time to time.  I plucked it out, stared at it for awhile and went about my day.  On my 30th birthday, I noticed that my occasional gray hair brought along a couple of friends to the party.  I’ve seen the “friends” less often though there appears to be neighbors.  I usually wear my hair bald and in a low cut.  Val actually asked me if I dyed my hair.  LOL.  I actually died it red once but it was subtle so unless you were really in my personal space you probably wouldn’t have noticed it but that was before her time.  I don’t have enough gray to have to consider Just for Men or anything.  Since passing 35, I’ve noticed gray hair elsewhere.  There was one in my eyebrow that Val notified me of and took a perverse pleasure in plucking out.  I had a gray nose hair.  That was just kind of weird.  I’ve noticed that my gray hairs tend to be longer then the rest of my hair.  It’s almost like they’re screaming for attention.  *sigh*  What really bothered me was last year when I found a gray pubic hair.  That made me feel some kind of way.  I plucked it and haven’t seen it since.  Of course after I mention that, the title of this post comes into play because my bubble got burst.

Val:  Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s not the only gray hair you have down there.

Me:  Quit playing.

Val:  I’m for real.

Me:  Seriously?

Val:  Yep, I can pluck them if you like.

Me:  You’d like that wouldn’t you?  You like torturing me.


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