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Well hello there!  Long time no blog, huh?  Honestly there’s been a big void of interesting in my life as of late so I haven’t really had anything to blog about.  Hate when that happens but whatever.  I’ll try to do better.

I missed two graduations in two days.  That might be a personal record for me.  My sister graduated yesterday.  My mom is back in Michigan to hang out with her for awhile.  I just couldn’t do it financially.  Well, I’m sure my mom would’ve chipped in some money so I could’ve gone too but I don’t like borrowing money, asking for favors, asking for help, or owing people so I declined.  It would’ve been nice but I have other things I need to put my money on so maybe I’ll get back up there before my sister moves down here or maybe not.  *shrugs*

Since I couldn’t swing my sister’s graduation I was going to go to Val’s graduation but that didn’t work out either.  The plan was to put a load in the washer, shower, put the clothes in the dryer and chill until they were done, get dressed, and meet up with Val.  What’s that they say about the best laid plains?  First off the cable was acting funny, shortly after that my wifi flipped me the bird, and then about 10 minutes or so later the power went out.  Seriously?  Today of all days!  Now I was thinking it was just a little blip like the ones we’ve experienced since being here where the power goes out for less than a minute and comes back on.  Nope!  You know how when the power goes out no matter what you start wondering if you paid the bill and then you want to see if your neighbors’ power is out too without actually asking them in case it’s just you?  Don’t tell me I’m the only one that does that?  Whatever!  Anyway, the power didn’t come back on after a minute.  Since I had no power I had no internet.  I grabbed my phone to look up some contact info for the power company and let’s just say I really need to reevaluate staying with Sprint.  The page never did fully load after about five minutes.  Not really helpful.  Couldn’t find a bill for the life of me so I didn’t have a phone number to call not that calling them is even a given because my phone is notorious for dropping calls and making conversations garbled.  I ended up texting my mom who got me the info I needed.

I texted Val earlier to see what she was doing.  I got settled in and ready to deal with the power company when the power came back on after being out for about almost an hour.  Of course my clothes were still in the washer waiting to finish it’s cycle so by the time they would finish and a cycle through the dryer I’d be late, really late.  Val called shortly after the power came back on.  Shortly after that the cable and Internet returned.  Yeah, there was a cable outage too.  I don’t know if both outages were related or if the power grid just wanted to annoy and fuck me over twice by having two unrelated outages.  I told Val that I didn’t think I’d be able to make it.  I started to tell her why but decided not to since she was already busy and probably stressed out anyway.  It’s not like the why was important or would make a difference.  She still asked if there was anything she could do.  Even if there was I would’ve told her no like I did.  Call it pride.  I’ve always been like that.  I’d rather do without or have people mad at me or think I don’t give a fuck then to ask for help and show weakness.

What else has been going on?  Apparently someone around here was burglarized.  Management left a notice on the door about it and a time frame of when it’s believed to have happened.  Of course, since then I’ve been paranoid that I’m going to be next and that I’m going to come home one night and my TVs will be gone and all my electronics or worse I’ll awaken to a home invasion so my sleep schedule has been crap lately.  I’m definitely going to look into getting a gun and/or a dog next year, mark my words.  Well, technically I have a rifle but it’s not the most practical weapon for close quarters combat.  I want a handgun and eventually a shotgun.  I need to find an affordable and convenient range while I’m at it too.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is a little over two weeks away.  I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet.  I guess I should get on that soon.  Fortunately, I only have two people to shop for.  It would be nice if we had established how much we’re supposed to spending beforehand.  It’s never easy doing anything with women.  LOL.

For the first time in several years I put up the Christmas tree and some lights in the windows.  I think after this year, that tree is getting retired.  It’s starting to look like the artificial version of Charlie Brown’s tree.  It feels a bit more Christmas-y then it did but without snow it can never truly feel like Christmas to me.  I need presents, holiday music, and snow for it to feel like and be a great Christmas to me.  

So what’s been going on with you?  

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