I got 99 problems and Sprint is one

So I complained to Sprint about my service last week.  Long story short, I kind of live in a dead zone or on the fringes of a dead zone in Sprint’s coverage.  The same appears to be true with T-Mobile.  Where do I even begin?  I get low bars here.  I’m lucky if I get three bars but I usually hover somewhere between 1-3 in the day time and at night 0-2 bars.  I get lots of dropped calls.  So much so that I generally try not to talk on the phone for more than a couple of minutes because after that one of us is probably going to be calling the other back.  Assuming I have any bars.  That puts a serious cramp on any late night booty calls or phone bone sessions.  Don’t judge me!  Phone calls sometimes go straight to voice mail (phone doesn’t ring, no missed call notifications, and the call doesn’t even show up in my phone log.)  If you don’t leave a message I may or may not ever know you even called.  Text messages are sometimes delayed, sent multiple times, or have the wrong time stamp on them.  The 3G data rivals dial up speeds at times and is always sloooooow.  So I tell this to the representative from Sprint and she confirms what I’ve thought all along it’s a problem with their network.  She gives me the standard we have some towers down and Sprint is also in the process of updating towers to bring LTE coverage.  Mmmhmm.  Whatever happened to those 4G Wimax upgrades you were supposed to bring to metro Detroit?  If I held my breath waiting I’d die of suffocation.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Even though we both agreed that the problems I’m experiencing are most likely due to their “shitty” (my words not there’s) network she wanted me to go to a store to have my phone looked at.  *sigh*  I’m thinking this is a complete waste of my time but I wanted to line up all of my ducks so I made an appointment to have my phone looked at.  I relayed the story to the lady at the Sprint store and even she said it was the network but she’d look at my phone to make sure nothing was wrong with it.  Guess what?  If you said nothing was wrong with it, of course, then you get a gold star and a pat on the ass!  You can still get that pat on the ass even if you’re wrong.  So she looks at the phone for about a half hour and it wasn’t defective.  The visit wasn’t a complete waste because Dunkin Donuts is a couple of doors down and I got a half dozen donuts that somehow made it home before I destroyed them!  Mmmmm donuts!  The woman at the Sprint store also suggested I get an Airave (http://now NULL.sprint NULL.com/airave/?ECID=vanity:airaveaccesspoint) unit from Sprint.  Basically it boosts your voice and data signals if you have a weak or bad connection.  I think all the cell phone companies have something similar and it’s usually free if you complain enough and/or can prove that you have bad coverage.  You can also buy one outright if you like but I’ll take free.

A couple of hours (and donuts later) the executive representative from Sprint called me back.  She looked at my account, confirmed I went to the Sprint store, and that my phone isn’t defective.  She apologized for the issues I’ve been having profusely but she wasn’t sorry enough to give me the discount off of my bill (until my coverage improves) that I requested.  Really?!  I then inquired about getting an Airave unit.  She agreed and confirmed that I wouldn’t be charged for it as long as I returned the unit if I ever leave Sprint.  She said I’d have it in 3-5 business days.  One nice thing about the move is that almost everything I order seems to get here a lot quicker than when I was in Michigan.  Guess I’m a lot closer to the shipping hubs.  Anyway, I got it in two business days.  I was told everything would be set up so before hand.  I hook everything up and even read the directions though I usually don’t have to bother with them when it comes to gadgets.  I think I got two of the four lights to go to green but the other two just didn’t want to cooperate.  I called up tech support hoping Hajib or Raj wasn’t on the other end.  She sounded like a Black chick and a cute one at that but after being on the phone with her for about 90 minutes trying to get it to activate and I no longer cared how cute she may have been.  I was wondering about her competency.  She even had me do a hard reset of my phone.  I knew that wasn’t going to improve shit but I did it anyway.  *sigh*  Finally, she agreed that the device was faulty and a new one would be overnighted to me.

I received the new unit this morning.  I set it up again and this time got three of the four lights to come on.  I was going to have to call their technical support again.  No Khali, no Vijay, no Deepak!  *crosses fingers*  Hi my name is Donald.  Sure, Kamal and my name is Biff  Braxton Beckham, IV.  In his defense he didn’t have a strong accent.  I’m not really sure how to describe it.  It sounded neutral like he was taught how to lose his accent or he was doing some decent acting.  Anyway, “Donald” got me up and running in about 15 or 20 minutes.  My phone has full bars for the first time that I can remember inside, outside, or anywhere else since I can remember.  Guess I’ll give this a chance and maybe I can finally get my Samsung Galaxy Note II or Samsung Galaxy SIII next month.  Though if I don’t upgrade then I still have the chance to jump ship should things get worse.  Decisions, decisions.  


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