The Galaxy is mine

I bit the bullet and decided to not only stick it out with Sprint for the time being but also to take advantage of my upgrade. My new smartphone is a marble white Samsung Galaxy Note II.  I’ve had it for about a week and half and while I’m still figuring it out I’m definitely glad I waited and got my first choice phone instead of my second and getting away from HTC for the next two years.  The word going around is that Sprint will be finished upgrading their towers here in March so I’ll finally be able to take in some of that speedy 4G LTE goodness.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Now if I could only figure out who or where to sell my EVO 3D too for a little extra pocket money.

My back has been having fun making me it’s personal bitch for the last week.  Not really sure I hurt it this time.  I’d say it’s back to about 80-85%.  I’ll take it.  But these random aches are for the birds, I tell you.

The U.S.P.S.’s priority mail is bullshit!  How are you going to charge someone a premium to deliver a package by a certain time and still manage to get it here a week later than you promised?  Someone sent me some homemade cookies and some candy as part of a Christmas gift.  The box was beat up and the cookie “tin” was cracked so my cookies were pretty much Humpty Dumptyed.  The candy is my fridge waiting to be destroyed later. Since moving here it seems like FedEx and UPS has gotten better and snail mail delivery has gotten worse, especially if you don’t pay extra to keep them honest like requesting tracking or a signature.

My mom got an iPad for Christmas.  I’ll admit that I’m kind of jealous of her new gadget baby.  She carries it around with her damn near everywhere.  I’ve always been kind of anti-Apple but it’s a nice tablet.  I still can’t see myself paying that much for a table when I can buy a pretty good laptop or desktop for the same price but I already let her know that I’ve called dibs on it if anything were to happen to her.  That and the 3D LCD TV.  Mine!  Now my next mission is to drag Val kicking and screaming into 2013 and MAKE her get a smartphone.  Me peer pressure and tech bullying isn’t working so far but I will break her.

I finally “let” my mom join Facebook.  This should be fun.  It’s funny how she’ll find someone and update me on what’s been going on with them like I actually know who the hell they are.  Apparently, my godbrother got married recently.  My mother mentioned that the girl’s teeth were jacked up.  I look at a picture of her and promptly told me mother, “Trust me, he ain’t even looking at her grill.”  I decided not to go with my usual, “they all look the same with the lights off” comment.  It’s still true though.  Plus with all the dick he better be sticking in her mouth her teeth will NEVER be straight.  I only fuck with crooked mouth snaggle toothed bitches!  What?!  I kid but it’s still a good rule of thumb to consider in choosing my next girlfriend.  Let me stop before I get an email or text asking me if I don’t like their teeth.  LOL. 

I think I might visit the local animal shelter next week.  I’ve kind of been putting it off  because I’m afraid if the shelter gets me in the door I’m going to fall in love with one of them and walk out with a new furbaby and lighter wallet.  I swear my plan is jut to look and see what they have.  I will not walk out with a dog.  I will not walk out with a dog.  I will not walk out with a dog.  

I’ve been thinking about starting a vision board.  I’m not sure if I want a digital one online or an actual physical board in my room for me to look at everyday.  Anyone know of a sight I can look at for ideas of either or both?  

So this smoke detector on the first floor keeps beeping and it’s annoying the fuck out of me.  Batteries have been changed and it’s been replaced three or four times in the past six weeks.  It’s also overly sensitive as anytime you even think about turning on the oven it goes off.  I’m ready to disconnect it and take my chances.  

Looks like I’m going to experience my first snow fall in North Carolina.  I didn’t even have to break out my snow dance either.  I doubt we even see most of the snow they’re talking about because of the ground being so warm but hopefully the grass will get coated.  The big thing to look out for is the ice.  Glad I went shopping yesterday before I even knew about the snow.  I hear the stores are going to be ridiculous with people stocking up on milk, bread, and eggs.  Seriously why are those the items that seem to get snatched up first whenever bad weather occurs?  I can see the bread because if power goes out you can make sandwiches.  Up North you could put the milk and food in a snow bank if power goes out but here?  Not so much.  Eggs?  I still don’t get the eggs.


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