Those aren’t your granny’s panties

Didn’t watch the VMAs last night since I had other things to watch but I finally checked out Miley Cyrus’ performance.  Yeah.  She’s a lot skinnier than I like but real talk, I’d let her twerk for me anytime.  Right before fucking her in the ass…raw…on a Confederate flag, while flirting with married chicks online.  What?!  There’s something about Hannah Montana that makes me want to stab her with my dick and violently inject semen in her.  You see how her little ass was just gnawing on those shiny little shorts?  You know she’s had anal before.  I like my women like I like my socks…off.

Now if only I could get someone to make me a logo of Miley twerkin’ on a teddy bear for my blog’s logo.

Who and what the fuck is an Earl Sweatshirt?  Seriously?  Niggas ain’t even trying anymore.  Nope, not even interested enough to Google or hit up YouTube.

Who the fuck are all these D list rappers responding to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Control?

I was kind of disappointed with the season finale of True Blood.  I’m sure the women won’t mind because they caught a brief glimpse of Eric’s junk but otherwise it didn’t leave me a cliffhanger waiting for next season.    I hope Jason quits being a fanger bitch though.  Ain’t no way in hell I’m eating someone’s pussy for 178 days in a row (sometimes multiple times a day) and I can’t even get my dick wet?  Plus you get jealous of any female even in my line of vision.  Sookie ending up with Alcide is just meh.  Him and Sam were neck and neck in the Sookie Stackhouse friendzone rejection series but if anyone I’d rather see her with same or they could’ve brought in Quinn, I think that was his name, the weretiger guy from the book.  Well, it looks like the show is winding down.  Rumor has it that it may have one or two more seasons left and then it’s a wrap.

I’m kind of underwhelmed with my social networks.  In a word they’re kind of quiet and boring.  Still waiting for the next fun thing to hit.  Maybe I’ll get on it early enough to be bored at the height of it’s popularity instead of when it’s waning.  One thing I don’t get is why is there always that one person in your network that rarely posts anything but is always trying to invite you to join some other network?  Seriously?!  If you actually participated in the one we share then you might be able to put off looking for new and untested social networks.

I’ve been suffering from a serious lack of energy, motivation, and willpower lately.  Of the three, I think the energy is beginning to come back the quickest.  The motivation is getting there, though I think I need to plan carefully or I’ll get discouraged and quit.  I have a couple of small goals I’m going to work on and hopefully with some success the willpower will ramp up and increase my motivation even more.  We’ll see.  All I know is that I’m tired of things as they are and it’s time to make some moves in order to change things, even if I have to fake it until I make it.  Wish me luck.

Sometimes I wish I decided to settle down in Atlanta or even Nashville instead.  Still doesn’t quite feel like home here and it’s been over a year.  I know I’m partially to blame.

It would be nice to get mail from someone not asking for money once in awhile.  I used to be somewhat obsessive about checking my mail.  Now unless I’m expecting something specifically I could care less because checking the mailbox is only going to disappoint or depress me.

Part of me was considering eating the ETF and leaving Sprint but they seem to be improving around here.  I can actually take my phone off of wifi and get a 4G signal inside my apartment.  This is a big deal because until recently getting a decent 3G signal was difficult inside and not much better outside.  If I wanted 4G I’d have to leave the complex and hit one of the major roads.  I guess, I’ll stick around for awhile.  Hopefully one day I can send this janky ass Airave back since it’s inconsistent and unpredictable at best.

What is it with women and the show Snapped?  It’s like revenge porn or something for them.  Just know if you do kill me I’ll find a way to come back and get you as a ghost, zombie, or reincarnated as your matricidal kid.  

You ever see anyone with an obnoxious bumper sticker on their car and have to fight the urge to vandalize it in the parking lot?  Just me?  

Pussy will be paid off next year.  The messed up thing is I want a new SUV.  Long story short, I didn’t really plan on buying her and was just going to go into another lease but got talked into it.  Honestly, while it’s not the most cost effective thing in the longterm, I like driving something new every few years. I wonder how long I’ll be able to resist getting something else?

I see you.  Quit being a fucking lurker and comment!  

*****Update***** Twerk and selfie are now official words.  The future is officially doomed.  

You know the next time someone asks me what I want for my birthday I’m going to tell them to hire Twerk Team for me so I can experience some quality, extra special one on two time.

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