I’m so sick of chilly and rainy!  Seems our pattern of late is  several days of above normal temperatures followed by a sudden drop and then winter weather.  I just wish Mother Nature’s bi-polar ass would take her crazy pills and pick a weather pattern and stick with it for at least a week. All the weather changes have had me feeling like crap since January.  Enough already!

Got some surprising news via Facebook.  Turns out D., my male best friend is going to be grandfather.  A 42 year old grandfather by the time of the baby’s expected due date on Halloween.  I always used to threaten his oldest daughter with taking her home, putting her in the kitchen and forcing her to make me Bologna sandwiches and now she’s having a rug rat of her own.  Time really does fly.  On one hand I think being born on Halloween would be awesome, then again the baby would end up being a Scorpio so I’m torn and hope the baby comes early so it can be a Libra.  Might need to make a trip back to my home state towards the end of the year.  She also got married to the baby’s father this week.  Think he’s going to win the gray hair contest I have yet to tell him we’re having.

Had a health scare with the dog a couple of days ago.  She was making some weird hacking sounds.  When she made the sounds she’d shake so uncontrollably it scared me.  She couldn’t take more than a couple of steps without doing it.  I felt bad for her.  I took her to the vet Friday and they couldn’t find anything wrong but prescribed some medication.  If you can’t find anything wrong then why even bother?  She’s doing and sounding a lot better today but I think I might start looking for a different vet.  I’m not all that confident in them.

I wish Black Twitter would shut the fuck up about Lupita Nyong’o!  I’m tired of hearing about her all the damn time! I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about her.  Her dress was ugly and I just can’t get into bald headed (or near bald headed) chicks.  While we’re talking people up, can’t the skinny Somali pirate guy from Captain Phillips get some love…or a sammich…or ten? Look at me. Look at me. I’m the captain now. Where’s the galley because I’m starvin’ like Marvin man!  Wish one of those little Ethiopian kids were here so I could eat those flies walking around on their eyeballs.  What?!  That’s funny!  Fuck you!

Why does daylight saving time begin in the middle of the night?  Why can’t we lose that hour during the day?  Yeah, reschedule that prostate exam because that hour is gone.  Close up shop early because it’s daylight savings time!  Seems like it would just be easier and more convenient to schedule it at say 2pm instead of 2am.  I’ve changed every clock except for the one in my SUV.  I don’t know why I keep forgetting that one.  Okay to be fair, half of the clocks changed themselves automatically.

Everybody is going to bitch about that missing hour for at least the next two weeks.  Oh I’m going to bitch about it too!  It’s like people were just plotting to not let me get a mid afternoon nap in.  Between the dog, people texting me, and CVS blowing up phone trying to get me to get a refill that nap pretty much went to hell.  So for everyone who thought what they wanted was more important then my nap, fuck you very much and it wasn’t!

So I fell down about half a flight of stairs Saturday night and busted my ass.  Ouch!  I’m just glad no one actually saw me.  It sucks that someone heard me though.  It also sucks that my dog didn’t even think about checking on me.  She ran her cowardly lion ass straight to her crate and balled up.  Some best friend she is.  I’m just glad I managed to stop myself before my testicles were introduced the hard way into the half open door at the bottom of the stairs.  That could’ve been so much worse then a sore leg and ass.  Soon as this water freezes I have a date with a bag of ice.

I’m not feeling North Carolina’s car registration process.  It all reeks of a money grab and unnecessary hoops jumping.  I ended up having to get some repairs made because Pussy failed her inspection.  I kind of thought it might happen but vehicle inspections still sucks ass!

Little over a month until season 4 of Game of Thrones.  I can’t wait!  I hope one of my friends starts a Game of Thrones live chat like we have during The Walking Dead.  I did finish book 5 in the series and those cliffhangers left me with my mouth agape, literally.  I can’t wait for the next one!

I haven’t really been following college basketball this season but I’m still excited about March madness.

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