Don’t scare me like that, colonizer!

*blows dust off of my blog and then violently starts sneezing*

Well, damn, it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. Mainly, I think because things have pretty much stalled in my life lately. There hasn’t really been much going on in my life to note good or bad. It’s basically a case of same shit, different day. Physically, I’m doing okay. Mentally, well it depends on the day. Depression is a mean bitch sometimes! Medication gives me side effects that are a strong deal breaker to me and therapy… eh not sure if I want to give it another try. I’ve never really been considered talkative and then following a schedule to actually talk about feelings and deep, dark shit regardless of how I feel that day doesn’t really make me seek it out, you know? Plus do you know how difficult it is to find someone and build a rapport enough for me to drop enough of the barriers I have set up to even begin scratching the surface of me? Good luck with that.

It snowed like twice in January giving me a little taste of winter. Michigan has been consistently been getting fucked with no vaseline this winter when it comes to snow. LOL. The weather has been fantastic here for the past week. It’s been on the gray and cloudy side but we’ve been in a steady relationship with the 70s for most of it. North Carolina temperatures are finally starting to grow on me.

I’m pretty certain I won’t be renewing my lease here when it expires. While I still have a few months I suppose I need to start looking for a new place. I’ve done so preliminary searches on a couple of websites but I’m not sure where I want to start. Ideally I’d like to rent a house but I’m not seeing a lot that really accepts dogs or larger dogs. I’m not going to abandon my dog. I made her a promise that as long as she lives she’d always have a home with me. I really want a yard with a fence so she can have someplace of her own that’s safe for her to play (or more likely) sunbathe off leash and at her leisure. Might end up in another townhouse at this rate but we’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed. I’d also like a little space of my own that isn’t shared with neighbors because you know I hate sharing and sometimes I just want to be left the fuck alone. I’m looking forward to moving just not the move. Know what I mean?

Speaking to the dog, I took her to the vet last month. She has a lump on her shoulder I wanted to have looked at and it was time for her bi-yearly exam. Turns out it’s not a tumor but more that likely a cyst. They drained but warned it would probably come back. Basically to prevent it from returning they’d have to cut part of the area out of her. Might go ahead and have it done eventually but for now I’ll just stick to having it drained periodically. It doesn’t appear to hurt it I just find it aesthetically displeasing. As long as that’s just the worst of it I don’t see the need to subject her to it. While there I got her a DNA test. We always assumed she was a hound/retriever mix. Well I got the results back a couple of weeks ago and it pretty much confirmed it.

I’ve been thinking of getting a genetic test myself. My mom was adopted and we’ve always been a little curious about her side of the family. I’m estranged from my father’s side of the family and honestly don’t know much about that side other than most of my uncles and my fraternal grandparents are deceased. Apparently I have a shit load of cousins and I’m an uncle. The main benefit of taking the test for me is having access to the database of possible relatives who might be found. I can’t say for sure if I’d ever contact any potential relatives I might discover it might satisfy some of my curiosity. There’s also another reason I’m contemplating and weary of taking the test. I might have a kid out there.

I’ve actually kept my phone longer than I expected. I really wan ted to jump into the last upgrade cycle and get my grubby mitts on something new and shiny until those price tags bitch slapped me back into reality. I wanted the iPhone X but while unlike Val I have no issues spending hundreds on a new phone I just couldn’t bring myself to almost $1200 for a phone. Especially since it’s not really a long term item like say a computer or tablet. After about two years the software updates slow down along with the battery and you own a dinosaur at best or an expensive paperweight at worst. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 almost made me jump to upgrade along with the Galaxy S8+. I don’t hate the iPhone. I honestly don’t mind it but part of me really wants to go back to Android. I still haven’t used FaceTime yet. Where are all the freaks doing freaky, immoral, and sinful shit on FaceTime at? I feel cheated as I was looking forward to having my eyes seduced by lascivious women.

I saw Black Panther on the 15th. It was pretty awesome! Go see it if you’re still on the fence! I won’t spoil anything here but I make no promises about the comments. You’ve been warned. I laugh when I see people get up and leave a Marvel movie before the credits. Seriously?! You must be new. Now that Marvel Pictures has access to the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes things are going to get interesting. Though you probably won’t get much, if any, crossovers until after phase 3 wraps up. It’s nice seeing a film with a predominantly Black cast that is a racially charged period piece, crime movie, or goofball comedy. Killmonger was kind of a dick but I can’t really say he was wrong. You know Wakanda is technologically advanced if they can fix Forrest Whitaker’s eye. What?!

My newest gadget is an air fryer. It was a Christmas present to myself and I’m loving it. I finally got around to making pizza fries and they were pretty fucking amazing if I do say so myself. Oh, I guess I just did. I don’t even remember the last time I used my deep fryer.

I think my mp3 player died. Damn, damn, damn! Cry R.I.P. personalized Zune. Now I have to decide if I actually want to buy a new one or just get a cheap but attractive throwaway phone and add a large microSD card to hold my music on. 

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  1. Miss K
    Miss K 3 weeks ago .Reply

    If you’re content with your life right now (which it really sounds like you are) then do what you feel. I myself am at a point where I need a therapist. I believe if they would’ve talked about shit back then, us kids wouldn’t be going through the shit we did (or at least I did).

    I think moving is worse than dry sex. But if you enjoy then you are a champ my friend! I just tried to order that darn airfryer and it’s so popular it’s back ordered until mid April. Now I gotta go out and find one because we can’t wait that long. 😩

    • Freaky Deaky
      Freaky Deaky 3 weeks ago .Reply

      If you feel that you need it and it might help than exhaust it by all means. Sometimes you have to evict some of that shit or it’ll continue eating you alive.

      I don’t enjoy anything about moving other that actually being in a new place. It sucks ass in the worst way. I’m just done with this community/neighborhood. It’s time for a change. Hopefully, I’ll move somewhere with some slutty neighbors but at this point I just want to be out of here.

      If you haven’t gotten one yet check back. A few weeks ago they were selling some as-is models for cheaper. I think they’re basically models that were returned or have cosmetic damage/blemishes. I also heard that sometimes they ship them out earlier than whatever date they claimed. Any other brands you’re considering?

  2. Zora
    Zora 3 weeks ago .Reply

    “You know Wakanda is technologically advanced if they can fix Forrest Whitaker’s eye.“ Sir.

    You’ve inspired me to dust off my blog… Maybe.

    You seem at peace. Can’t quite put my finger on why, though.

    Moving is the worst. But, now that I’m settled in my new apartment, it’s totally worth it. I feel content every time I come home.

    • Freaky Deaky
      Freaky Deaky 3 weeks ago .Reply

      But where is the lie, ma’am?!

      Do it! You know you want to.

      I haven’t really thought about it. Maybe.

      Moving is the absolute worst! Movers should have their own national holiday as far as I’m concerned.

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