Move it or lose it

Damn, what is this, “fill all the vacancies we have by this weekend” week? Yesterday, I endured a loud ass move-in which lasted most of the morning. That was done by professional movers. Today, I have to put up with yet another one.

The moving truck is parked not 25 feet from where I’m typing this entry now. They haven’t turned off the fucking truck since it arrived a couple of hours ago and it’s annoying the hell out of me. I’m not absolutely sure but I think the diesel fumes are creeping towards the window I currently have open. Damn it! I could close the window but it gets so dry and stuffy in here. It’s too cold to turn on the a/c and we don’t have a humidifier. Guess I’ll have to choke on diesel fumes then. I hate trucks! The only thing better about today’s move-in is that I don’t have to hear fucking air brakes three or four times an hour.

I went to get the mail earlier and saw the hallway lined up with boxes. Boxes full of tacky looking shit. Come on, if your prized possessions (or only possessions for that matter) look like it was rejected from the flea market, throw that shit away! At the very least clean your shit before you pack it up. How do you look moving into a CLEAN, new residence with a bunch of dirty old relics? The answer is STUPID!!! And then people got the nerve to have someone guarding the boxes of trash and junk like anyone besides Fred Sanford would see any value in these “family treasures”. I don’t know about you but I don’t steal fixer uppers or third hand merchandise. I only take the quality stuff. LOL!

There is a silver lining in the cloud, however. There’s no more vacancies in this building so no one else can move in. Hopefully, no one will move out before we do. I look very forward to being loud, rude, and otherwise inconsiderate when we move out. After all, payback is a bitch!

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