Nope, I refuse to do it.

I’ve had Nelly’s CD Country Grammar for a couple of months and I’m just now listening to it. He ain’t all that! I’m glad I got it free through BMG Music Club otherwise I’d be pissed that I paid full price for that mediocre crap.

Mistress is still mad at me or hurt or whatever irrational female emotion she’s feeling today. If she were reading this she’d probably call me on that comment now. I’ve always been a moody person. I go through more mood swings then a bi-polar, schizophrenic, with multiple personality disorder and a really bad case of PMS. In other words I’m a difficult person.

I hope she’s not holding her breath for me to apologize or something. She’ll die of suffocation. I don’t believe in apologizing to keep the peace and I won’t apologize if I don’t believe I’m wrong. I don’t happen to believe I’m wrong either. I’ll ignore her for awhile and let her realize how much she misses me. Yeah, I know that sounds arrogant and/or childish but she actually told me that she does that to me. *LOL* Go figure! I wonder how she’ll like taking some of her own medicine.

Man I can’t believe MSU got their asses handed to them. Just once I wanted to finish above say 1,000,000 in the Yahoo Pick’Em Tournament. Damn! I don’t know what team that was that showed up today but it wasn’t the Spartan. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t gamble. Well, since Michigan State can’t win the championship, go Blue Devils! Hopefully you guys won’t breakdown and choke against Maryland like MSU did to Arizona.

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