Random thoughts on President’s Day

I wonder if Jehovah’s Witnesses get annoyed when someone wakes them up on their day off trying to proselytize and sell them things? Would they be as offended with me if I tried to preach agnosticism or atheism to them and beg for money?

Rhetorical question for all the people who say God made Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve. If the prostate gland is the equivalent of a woman’s G-spot and it can only be reached by inserting something up his ass does a man have to be with another man to truly be pleasured? If a man can’t please a woman like another woman, can the inverse be said too?

If God is omniscient why do people online use words like got damn, jeebus, and other euphemisms? Is it any less blasphemous that you didn’t say what you were thinking? Same too you people who use words like nugga, nicca, nukka, etc. instead of the N-word. Yes, it’s an offensive word but the truth is some black people are niggers. Too my white viewers, ditch the word “wigger” because some of you are niggers in every sense of the word too.

I get lost every time I’m on Dexter. For some reason the street runs differently then I think it should and I get turned around like I’m in the Bermuda triangle or the twilight zone. To punish me the last few women I’ve met have lived in that area. I really need to find some local ass women.

Public Service Announcement: When you’re sucking dick, don’t forget about the balls! This message was brought to you by Dick, the stiff black meat.

A 62 year old California woman gave birth recently. I have two questions. What the fuck and why? One of the best reasons to fuck older women is that you can nut all up in them and not worry about her coming up pregnant. Yeah, I know she got pregnant through in vitro fertilization but still. Can you imagine an old broad like that getting pregnant the old fashioned way? Your baby’s mama looks like a grandmother. Hell, she probably is a grandmother. How the fuck are you going to have a kid younger than your grandchildren? Okay, I have a another question. Can her old ass even lactate or does powdered milk come out her ancient titties? Poor baby goes to suck a titty and gets a mouthful of dust. Once your pubic hair turns gray it’s time to leave the baby making alone.

Poll Results: According to my poll, drinking out of pickle and jelly jars is more ghetto than asking a neighbor to borrow ingredients/food, watching an expensive home theater system while sitting on patio furniture, having rims or a stereo system that’s worth more than the car, and sleeping on a mattress (with no bedspring or frame) on the floor. One person didn’t think any of the choices were ghetto and that I was just being bourgeois. I’ll take bourgeois over ghetto any day.

February also appears to be the most popular month for my readers to file their taxes. February won hands down with 57% of the vote. January, March, and April all tied each other with 14% of the vote respectively.

How come so many hairdressers working from home have nappy hair? How can you tell someone what they need to be doing to take care of their hair when yours look like an abandoned bird’s nest?

I hate the word verification thing on Blogger but I hate anonymous posters even more.

Why do people post comments and then say shit like “I don’t care”? People trip me out sometimes. I’ve visited lots of blogs and never commented no matter how crazy, stupid, ignorant, or offensive the shit said. Why? Because I don’t care. Can you really claim not to care if you comment?

I want to upgrade the layout here but I really don’t feel like learning what I’d need to know in order to create it.

The winter Olympics suck. I can’t wait until it’s over and locked away in a dark closet like the bastard stepchild to the summer Olympics it really is.

How come the figure skaters and ice dancers don’t wear thongs under their skirts? You’re damn near naked anyway, so why not show some ass? If I was a judge flashing some thong might get you a slightly higher score. Exercising your neck might get you a much higher score.

Hey Channel 7 if you want me to donate money to save the Detroit Zoo quit screaming at me like a gay pirate and drop the silly name, “Growl for action”. Growl for action sounds like something written on a men’s room stall.

Why did Flavor Flav get rid of Goldie? Hoopz and Goldie would’ve been my final two. However, I would’ve fucked New York and Pumkin before I got rid of them. Hell, knowing my horny ass I would’ve fucked all of them before I got rid of them. My mom would be a granny before the last woman was eliminated.

Author: Freaky Deaky I'm a horny, opinionated, smart-ass, antisocial, introverted, misanthropic, agnostic, nonconformist, free thinking, hedonistic, highly intelligent, and arrogant black man with a dirty mind.