Mother’s Day, friends, & etc.

What’s up boys and girls? If you have a mom or are a mom then I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re not a mom holla at me. If we start practicing now there’s a good chance you could be celebrating Mother’s Day next year. I’m willing to help the cause and donate as much of myself as you need to become a mother. Yeah, I know sharing is caring and I want to share my semen with each and every one of you ladies because I care. Damn it, I’m not afraid to show how much I care either.

I read some pretty nice Mother’s Day posts on several blogs. I didn’t respond to any of them. Most of them aren’t mothers so wishing them a happy Mother’s Day is like some dumbass wishing my childless ass a happy Father’s Day. Now if you’re trying to make me a father then go ahead and holla at me otherwise keep that shit to yourself. So what about the people who are mothers? Well as I write this post I haven’t read anything on their blogs about Mother’s Day. Even if I did I probably wouldn’t have responded either. Why? They’re not my mother and I don’t know theirs so what exactly is the point? It’s a very personal and specialized holiday so I don’t really know what to say or have anything to say about it.

I wasn’t expecting to do anything on Mother’s Day. I ended up going over my sister’s and brother-in-law’s house for dinner. I got a chance to play with my hyperactive dog Tantrum who has been staying there. It was mainly my sister, my brother-in-law, his mother, his daughter, his nephew, his nephew’s mother, a friend of my sister’s, our mother, and me. I asked my sister if her friend was single and found out why she doesn’t hook me up with any of her friends. Her friend wasn’t single. My brother-in-law said I don’t want any of them. My sister only has one friend who is single. She was there also but she has kids. She’s hot though and can definitely get it anytime she wants. I told my sister she needed to get some more single friends. One of the benefits of being the big brother is that you get to take liberties with your sister’s friends. Hey, it’s in the handbook. Overall it was an okay get together. We should do it more often.

I’m glad I got so much positive response to my What I want (http://freakytopia post (I even added a couple of more things to it). I honestly wasn’t sure what kind of response I was going to get. Friends, family, and pretty much everybody says not to settle. I just wonder what I’m supposed to be doing while I’m alone, lonely, and not settling. Nobody ever says anything about that. Am I supposed to remain alone until I meet someone with potential? Am I supposed to try to realize my aspiration of being a manhoe until…? I have no idea what I should be doing in the mean time. I’m clueless. I don’t much care for not being in the know.

I was talking to A. and telling her how married people suck. I told her they have kids and other responsibilities and then they no longer have time for their friends. Pretty soon you start seeing each other maybe once or twice a year and then years start to pass between visits. Before you know it you might get a yearly phone call or something. I remember commenting to my mom about it once. She told me that’s life, people work, get married, get divorced, have kids, etc. and just because you don’t talk to them often doesn’t mean they’re any less of a friend. Part of me always thought then what’s the purpose of having them? Why have candy and not eat it? Why have a girlfriend and not fuck her? Why have a booming stereo system and never blast it? I always thought that wouldn’t happen to me. It’s just kind of sad. The funny thing is I actually want to join the ranks of sucky married people. Go figure, huh?

I wish people learned how to make better arguments. I hate to hear women say they do something because men have been doing it. And? If you’re going to treat me shitty then do so because I’ve treated you that way or because I actually deserve it not because you were young and dumb and dudes took advantage of you. I haven’t done anything to you. Get back at the guy or guys who hurt you. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. If everyone took an eye for an eye to heart we’d all be walking around with either one eye or completely blind. If he’s not treating you right then bounce but don’t take out your hurt and anger on people who have done nothing to you. Please, please, please, before anyone responds don’t ever say to me but guys do it too. I speak on women because I don’t fuck with guys. You’re also assuming that I don’t think males play games and do some of the same dumb, sneaky, and lowdown shit that women do. When you utter the words “but guys do it too” or anything along those lines, you’ve already lost in my mind. It reminds me of kids who get caught dead to right doing something wrong, they know they’re wrong and can’t say anything but, “He did it too!” Do better people.

Am I the only one who thinks club photos look cheesy, tacky, ghetto, and inauthentic?

Hey anyone noticed my new avatar? I’m feeling it. Now let me find a woman that digs it and we can feel it and a couple of other things together.

I’ve started the Freaky Deaky Fund recently. I do accept donations. Yes, I’m serious.

Don’t forget to send in your Dear Freaky questions. So far I have two cuddling together in an effort not to freeze to death in my pocket. Post it in my chat box, e-mail it to me with Dear Freaky in the subject line, or post it in my comments anonymously or otherwise indicating it’s a Dear Freaky question.

I’d like some suggestions for blogging topics if you have any. Anything I haven’t blogged about that you’d like me to? Read something that you want me to expand and/or expound on? I won’t promise to actually use the suggestion(s) but then again I might. Hopefully, it’ll spark some ideas.

Ice Cube & Dr. Dre’s Natural Born Killaz puts me in the mood to beat somebody’s ass whenever I hear it.

Whenever I hear a woman say she’s never had any complaints before I always want to be the first to give her one.

Whenever I become interested in a woman one of the first questions that comes to mind is, does she swallow or spit? To me it’s a given that she sucks dick because I’ve grown accustomed to it and I’m not willing to go without.

What’s the deal with the Pistons? I know they’re still going to be Cleveland but damn. It was supposed to be a sweep. The series sure as hell shouldn’t have gone past a game five. I’m glad the Knicks got ass raped by Larry Brown. Hopefully, he’ll find a way to coach the Heat, Spurs, or Mavericks next.

Here is a list of the latest search strings that have led pervs and weirdos to my blog. Ghetto broads (only good for fucking otherwise, not really my type), bestiality doggystyle (I’ve heard French people were lovers but this gives a new meaning to animal lover), “kinds of pussy lips” (at the end of the day there are only two kinds, pretty or ugly), “why can I hear voices in my head?” (my guess is mental illness, hide the butcher knives until you talk to someone about that), freaky sex (someone after my own heart), pussy blogging (that’s a talented pussy, can it drive too?), “looking for male friendships” (Not here buddy, I don’t trust most males in general and on principle. You’re going to have to be cool as hell and dramatically different from most males I know to even have a chance at being my friend. Hell, I don’t even like to date chicks with a lot of male friends.), underage pussy (leads to long jail sentences and lots of dick being crammed up your ass), several Shon Gables references (including one about her nipples)(she definitely makes both my cheat and baby’s mama lists), freaky girls (still looking for some myself), charming my snake (I believe Team Freaky has an availability for that position, chicks only), “bitches ain’t nothing but meat on a bone (Yeah, and?), crack head who fucks (don’t know any that use the Internet), freaky e-mail forwards (I’d rather have a freaky chick sucking me off while I’m typing a post but whatever), freaky black chicks (you can have more than part of my name in you), freaky kids (I really hope my freakiness skips a generation and miss my kids entirely), “lie to kick it” (I prefer being hated for the person I am instead of the one you imagine me being.), horny women (when I find them I sure as hell won’t share), sister sex (I thought dudes in France and South Dakota were some sick fucks, are men in Texas that hard up for pussy?), and rub my pussy (before or after you suck my dick and swallow the babies?)

Why is it that most of these searches come from schools (k-12 and colleges & universities), branches of government (local, state, and federal; foreign and domestic), and financial institutions? I don’t think I want any of these people in a position of responsibility or authority over impressionable minds and I sure as hell don’t want to be locked in a room with a lot of them. The sickest searches I get come from South Dakota although France and Texas are duking it out for that (dis)honor. Several southern states show up during the freaky searches. Maybe I do need to find me a southern belle and see what that southern hospitality is really all about. Some of you need to come up north and give the women here some lessons either that or take me home with you. The dumbest or most nonsensical searches usually come from California. Unfortunately, the most racist search strings come from my home state of Michigan.

I just saw this on the news. The worst cities in terms of road rage and rude drivers according to Auto Advantage are:

1. Miami
2. Phoenix
3. New York
4. Los Angeles
5. Boston
6. Washington, D.C./Baltimore
7. Detroit

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