Fuck it Friday! – The dog days of FiF!

Fuck people who visit my blog, hit up my blog roll and comments just to troll for blogs to visit and don’t even say hello to me! I’d piss on each and every one of you fucking bastards if I could. They’re mine (yes, I just claimed you (some of you more than others) and no, you have no say in the matter whatsoever) and I’m stingy so get your good for nothing, parasitic, lurker, (okay lurkers and parasites are pretty much interchangeable in my book) blog harvesting asses out of here!

I know I said it last time but fuck thugs! Fuck all of the names dumbasses of both genders try to give to thugs to make it seem more acceptable! Fuck gentlemen thugs! Fuck corporate thugs! Fuck lady thugs, thug bitches, and thug misses! Fuck an R&B thug! What, you’re going to sing while you carjack somebody? Fuck sensitive thugs! WTF is a sensitive thug? A thug who says, “Kicking your ass in front of your seeds and old lady isn’t right so tell the young ones to look away while I pistol whip you.” Fuck romantic thugs! What’s that a thug that gives you flowers after he chokes your stupid ass? Fuck a cyber thug! How the fuck are you going to be a thug on the Internet? Do you C-walk while typing at your chair?

Fuck the women that got mad at me when my outgoing message was a verse from Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)! As I’ve told many people in the past and will continue I will answer my phone any damn way I please unless or until you pay my phone bill. Once you do I’ll answer it anyway you please but until then get deez nuts and shut the fuck up!

Fuck the bad ass bastard children that live in this complex! First they break out all of the lights in the carport and then twice these products of inbred and retarded loins wanted to see if it was actually hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. As long as poorly parented and supervised children and teenage boys exist I will never be against abortion! We definitely need a serial killer that targets teenage boys, I despise those bastards the most. Hell, if I get a better gun I might volunteer to ventilate their foreheads myself. If that last statement bothered you then fuck you with that same gun damn it!

Fuck people who think, believe, or often say that members of the opposite sex are dogs, jerks, etc.! Fuck the people who listen to that garbage and still fucks, befriends, or even wants to deal with the ignorant dumbasses (on any level) who does those things! Now if you believe it about your own [wink] then I’m not mad at you.

Fuck all of these wars! I’ll straight up walk into a recruiting office in lipstick, pumps, booty shorts, and a midriff baring top and ask the dude in charge if spitting and swallowing falls under the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy before joining any military branch. However, I’ll soldier up if anyone ever decides to declare war on OPEC and oil company executives.

Fuck Mel Gibson! When I get pulled over for driving drunk I make anti-Semitic and sexist statements too…not! So the next time I hear one of you sheep say let’s boycott so and so because he, she, or they are racist, just remember that a lot of you hypocritical and dumb motherfuckers paid to see The Passion of the Christ at the movies and bought the DVD so shut the fuck up!

Fuck blackouts & brownouts! The power has blinked out twice in a week and that shit is annoying as all fuck!

Fuck the heat and the humidity! As hot as it’s been this summer we better get some good snowfall this year. If I don’t get at least one blizzard this year and maybe an ice storm I will personally hunt down Mother Nature and show her what happens when my pimp hand twitches! Make no mistake I want Detroit to get some snow like the east coast and Chicago gets. Fuck the south getting snow when I can still see the grass up here!

Fuck whoever said Librans & Geminis are romantically compatible! The only thing saving you from the full fury of my twitching trembling pimp hand is the fact that you’re probably long dead by now. Know that I angrily shake my fist at you, sir!

Fuck Geminis (b.k.a. Gemilies)! Keep your crazy, lying asses away from me! Go on now, I said git! Don’t make me get my gun!

Fuck this nasty tasting multi-vitamin I’m taking! It already looks gross so why does the taste have to live down to my expectations? No matter what I drink while swallowing the vitamin I can still taste it. Blech!

Fuck slow ass drivers! How come every damn time I go to the movies some asshole with nowhere to go and nothing better to do then drive -2.3 m.p.h. always has to be in front of me? I usually give myself plenty of time but I shouldn’t have to add an extra 15 or 20 minutes for your doofus ass! Get the stick out of your ass before I put my foot up in it!

Fuck the woman in the drop top BMW Sunday driving like her car would explode if she went over 20 m.p.h.! Fuck you for having five people stuffed into that small assed car! Fuck you for coming to a complete stop to make a right turn and taking a whole fucking minute (yes, 60 god damn seconds) to complete a turn that takes me three or four! Fuck you for having the nerve to not be paying attention and talking to one of your fucking nappy headed nigglets in addition to being lapped by Big Wheels, old ladies on walkers, worms, and snails! Fuck you for taking her out with her hair all nappy and shit! I’ve seen better coiffed pubic hair on dark-skinned dudes (you know their pubic hair is nappy as hell) in pornos then her.

Fuck people who are so fucking short their heads don’t come over the headrests! I don’t have a lot of confidence in the driving abilities of grown people who need a fucking booster seat to see over the steering wheel. Now, I know some of these headrests are big as hell with the monitors built into them. I’m not talking about those but while I’m at it fuck them too! Why the fuck you get to be in the back enjoying a movie or playing games and I have to deal with these non-driving assholes on the road? Fuck that, if I can’t watch it then you can’t either!

Fuck people getting their panties in a bunch because someone is watching a porno in their ride! I don’t give a fuck about what your kids might see! I don’t give a fuck about your kids or you for that matter! I didn’t agree to give up any rights, privileges, or abilities because you decided to bust in some chick or you let some dude other than me skeet up in you. Why the fuck are your nosy little bastards looking inside somebody’s whip like that anyway? If the screens were turned towards the windows to be viewed by all then maybe you’d have a complaint. You need to control your children’s curiosity instead of trying to dictate what people watch in their rides on their own time while minding their own business. Fuck you if you disagree, this ain’t a democracy it’s my blog!

Fuck people who think just because something is animated that it’s kid friendly! You know if you took a couple of minutes to read or do some research instead of being a simpleton, one can actually find out that a movie has nudity, rape, graphic violence, strong language, and etc. Do you look at porn titles like Booty and the Beast and think because the name is funny and similar to something else you’ve seen that it’s probably okay for your snotnoses to watch too?

Fuck you if this is your first visit to my blog! Grab your ankles and try to muffle the screams or not (I kind of like it when you scream) it’ll be over when I’m done and not a second sooner!

Fuck you if you haven’t visited in awhile and “Fuck it Friday!” shocks or upsets you!

Fuck your first born with an HIV+, retarded donkey’s limp, shit covered dick if this is your last visit to my blog!

Fuck BET for canceling Uncut! There were only two reasons I even watched BET on the rare occasions that I did, Uncut and Comicview. Now I have one less reason to watch BET! Maybe I should thank you. [Middle finger salute.] Nah, fuck you dumb bastards! Dress BET up anyway you want to but your whole channel is still basically one big coon fest and minstrel show!

Fuck all non-blacks who think they have a pass to use the word nigger! You don’t! I don’t give a fuck what so and so told you! I don’t give a fuck that some blacks use it! I don’t give a fuck if you feel like one, married one, get treated like, called, or mistaken for one. Regardless of whether we should use the word or not you CAN’T! I neither owe you nor will give you an explanation why. Fuck you.

Fuck blacks who think I should never use the N-word either! I know what the word means and often times I actually mean all the negative connotations associated with the word when I use it! Sure I could go highbrow, get creative, or even insult you with my trademark sarcasm but like the saying goes, if the shoe fits… Sometimes, I don’t want to shuck and jive and I actually want to draw blood or go for the kill with all the bullshit aside! As I said in the disclaimer I’ll say any damn thing I please here. Don’t like it? Then fuck you and get the fuck out! It’s not even open for discussion! Wah, wah, wah, fuck what you think! Fuck you doggystyle with an over sized dildo if you take me to task for using the N-word but you support entertainers that do. You’ll shake your ass like a fucking stripper in heat and nod your head to being called one if it has a nice beat so save that “nobody should be using that word period” bullshit for someone trying to hear you!

Fuck people who believe in their minds and their hearts that there is actually a difference between the words nigger and nigga! The latter is just the result of a lazy tongue. Nigga is not and can not be a term of endearment if you use it with strangers, casual acquaintances, and anyone else you don’t know well you fucking nig…! I think you get my point.

Fuck people who don’t understand me seeing and agreeing and even disagreeing with parts of the N-word argument from both sides!

Fuck the people waiting for me to get off the chain and answer Blkbutterfly’s taunts! If I ever do I’ll only keep it up long enough for her to read it and then it’ll be deleted. I won’t give the lurkers the pleasure of reading it.

Author: Freaky Deaky I'm a horny, opinionated, smart-ass, antisocial, introverted, misanthropic, agnostic, nonconformist, free thinking, hedonistic, highly intelligent, and arrogant black man with a dirty mind.