Tuesday Thoughts

Why did Ms. Black & Wild look at me like I was crazy for laughing at Family Guy? The scene showed a retarded kid (complete with helmet and leg braces) trying to pet Brian. Kids don’t really understand that when you pet a dog you’re actually rubbing it and not hitting it. Anyway the kid had a slow and deep voice that was funny in and of itself and he was practically trying to skin poor Brian. Having finally had enough Brian bit the kid and made him cry. I had a fit of laughter and couldn’t stop for a couple of minutes. It’s like they were in my head and animated something I’d think. I always wish I could draw. Having my own animated world would be only the first step in establishing my empire. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! As politically incorrect as that was I know she wanted to laugh with me. Instead she stifled her laugh and looked at me like I was mean. Yeah, she knew she wanted to laugh. I found a clip of it here.

The season finale to Power Rangers Mystic Force aired yesterday evening. I’m kind of sad and wonder what the next incarnation of Power Rangers will be about. Yeah, Power Rangers is one of my guilty pleasures. Well, I don’t know if that’s actually true because I don’t feel guilty or ashamed of watching. Half of you can’t even watch the evening news with a prescription for Zoloft so don’t judge me! Maybe I’ll look it up.

I hate Windows Live Mail! There’s always some kind of technical difficulty or their server is busy. Upgrade motherfuckers! You’re fucking Microsoft, it’s not like you don’t have enough money to hire the best and brightest, get top of the line equipment, or just throw money at the problem! I haven’t been able to retrieve my mail all day. Maybe it’s time to switch to one of my other e-mail accounts.

Why do dudes on BP use bait and switch tactics on the photos they post? I see a picture of a woman’s ass, a very nice one, so of course I do the sensible thing and click on the picture. The caption for the photo is information for some dude’s real estate company. I can respect you trying to get your hustle on and draw up some business but I have a couple of problems with the approach. One, if you use Black Planet as your main or even as a major way to advertise anything then you are either broke, a fucking idiot, or a broke ass fucking idiot. Who the fuck advertises for anything besides some ass on BP? I have never bought something because I saw it on BP. In fact that might make me do the opposite. Two, you’re trying to get men to do business with you by reading your info but you fail to realize what’s probably painfully obvious to most women online. Thirsty niggas don’t read! Horny niggas don’t read! Look at your damn comments! They haven’t even read enough to see that you’re a male posting pics of women. They’re so thirsty they think they’re actually responding to a woman even though every picture is of a different woman.

I still don’t see the purpose of MySpace. I’m not even being a little facetious. You can’t respond to comments on your page and from what I’ve seen the comments mostly consist of glitter graphics, thanks for the add comments, and people trying to get you to listen to their homemade music, watch their bootleg videos and movies, or whatever poorly conceived and realized side hustle they have going. What do you do for fun on MySpace? How do you have fun there? Seriously, someone please enlighten me because I’m missing something and I’d really like to know.

Today’s my sister’s birthday. [The voices in my head boo, hiss, and jeers at Scorpios in general.] Shush it Zora, you’re not included even though you laughed at the dogs, kids, and I missing you. Bad BBM! Anyway, I have to go with my mom later to shop for an iPod for my sister. It’s kind of complicated to her but luckily being the family tech freak I’ll be able to steer her in the right direction. She just wants something that plays songs and videos. They can also play video games too but I don’t think my sister or my mom knows that. I may just tell my mom to get her a Zune by Microsoft but I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll just try to convince her that my sister really wants me to have a Nintendo Wii for her birthday. Hey, it could happen!

I don’t really feel like blogging today. I don’t think I’m going to feel like it tomorrow or the day after either. I wonder if someone or something will change my mind. Who knows? Anyway, that’s all until there’s some more.

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