Holiday thoughts

I haven’t even thought about doing any post Christmas shopping yet. Maybe I’ll look around sometime this weekend.

I have no idea what if anything I’ll be doing for New Year’s Eve.

I got my 10,000th hit on 12/26/06. (sigh) It was a lurker. Fucking lurkers!

My grandmother will be 90 years old in about a week. I don’t think I want to live to be that old but then again I’m almost certain that I won’t.

After my “Freaky Thoughts?” last week, guess who called me. I’ll wait. Oh you’re no fun. Creamy called me. Surely, you remember Creamy (http://freakytopia Anyway, she called me out of the blue. I couldn’t remember her real name for the life of me at first, neither did I immediately recognize the number but I was bored so I answered. Luckily, Dick tends to remember who I’ve been caking with and I have a decent memory for voices and conversations so I figured out who she was within about a minute. I was tempted to ask her why she isn’t in Tennessee like she said she’d be if she hadn’t found someone in three weeks. It’s been over a month since we last talked and she wasn’t really saying anything new. She’s still looking for love, blah, blah, blah, can’t believe I’m still available, yadda, yadda, yadda, and that I was on her mind. From one chef to another how the fuck are you going to run that lame ass cake game on me like I’m brand spanking new? I’m not a playa I’m a coach! Don’t step to me with that minor league shit. LOL! No, seriously, I can spit game and probably show you some brand new mind games designed especially to manipulate you, if I were so inclined. The truth is you were going through your book of niggas and my name came up. It could’ve easily been the dude above me or below me so save that “I was on your mind bullshit!”

The thought actually crossed my mind to give her a chance and see if any love connections or fuck connections could be made. Then I heard her screaming at one of her kids and the kid had one of those made up ghetto exotic names that seem to be so popular with young black women and the fact that she has four kids and I was good. I still thought about strategizing on the best way to separate her panties from her body and let Dick play hide & seek in her but Creamy didn’t catch me on the right night. Besides she’s not really freaky enough for me anyway. I like my women raunchier and more overtly sexual.  I’m not saying one needs to walk around and exude sex every minute of every day but besides the double tongue ring and the tattoos, Creamy doesn’t make my freak detector go off and it’s pretty accurate.

I’ve been getting a few compliments lately and I’m not sure I know how to handle it. I always thought it was because I have a somewhat warped view of myself but now that I think of it, it probably has more to do with the fact that most people I know aren’t really all that demonstrative with their feelings or give out many compliments. So being used to not hearing that kind of stuff a lot I’m not always sure how to react to it or if I should even take it as anything more than saccharine flattery and disingenuousness.

I don’t want to be like that anymore. I also don’t want to continue dealing with and meeting new people that aren’t affectionate and demonstrative of their feelings. Being there for me and showing me isn’t good enough for me. It never has been and never will be. I need to hear the words and feel them too. I’m moody enough as it is so I don’t want to deal with any more hot and cold running women. I need consistency. Sometimes I thought that maybe I was asking for too much since apparently most people I know or attract can’t seem to be bothered but you know what? I don’t think my wants or needs are unreasonable. Anyone who does, obviously isn’t right for me, so fuck’em.

I was so frustrated and annoyed with pretty much most of the chicks I deal with that I was seriously considering eliminating them from my life with my year end purge. Who knows, I still might.

These cookies my sister made for me are pretty damn good. I wish she would’ve made some more double chocolate white chocolate chip cookies though. Those are quickly becoming my favorite.

I’m thinking of making some New Year’s resolutions this year. I haven’t for a couple of years but I might give it a go this year.

Southern Gal is definitely on at least one of my lists.

My time at Blogger is quickly coming to an end. Part of me may actually miss the jankiness of Blogger. Then again maybe not. LOL!

I’ve only told two people what lists they’re on and I’ve only told one about the really good lists. I don’t know if I’ll ever tell anyone else what lists they’re on unless I’m feeling really generous and they’ve built up a lot of goodwill. Fortunately, I’m not feeling all that generous.

I’m sad no one made any of the grown folks egg nog this year. If there’s some bourbon around I might make it myself. If not then fuck it, I’ll wait until next year.

Why is it whenever I tell people that I rarely drink but wouldn’t mind imbibing more often the next thing out of their mouth is usually something stupid? “Well, why don’t you pick up something and we can drink together?” Hello?! I don’t drink often. I haven’t tried a lot of stuff and honestly have little idea of what I like. Why would anyone with four or more working brain cells send someone to the liquor store that is pretty much ignorant of liquor to get something to drink? I don’t understand that. I know a shitload of people that want to see me drunk out of mind. I guess they want to see the Iceman melteth or Freaky gone wild or something. Knowing that whenever I go somewhere, I’m most likely driving (I can’t just let anyone fuck with my Pussy) so if you really want me to get sloppy silly drunk then I’m either going to need a ride home or a comfy place to crash (preferably equipped with a big booty cutie or two.)

For some reason I really want to do a post while drunk. I don’t think I’d attempt typing while drunk because I would shame my family and teachers with the atrocious spelling and grammar that would produce. Not to mention that it would be unreadable. I’d record my thoughts and blog about it afterwards.

I spoke to Velvet last night. I’ve mentioned her a couple of times but hadn’t given her a blog name until now. Every time we converse I like her a little more. I’m not completely sure that’s a good thing but for the moment I’m just going to enjoy it and see where things go. I think she has a way with words that I find particularly sexy. Even though our conversations haven’t been particularly sexual I always feel like she has a gun on me because my dick is usually reaching for the ceiling. Hey, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say something even remotely sexual! She’s cool and I seem to have a knack for making her laugh.

What’s the deal with crazy people at the doctor’s office? I went to the doctor yesterday and two dudes were talking to themselves. One was content to just babble on about nothing to himself and the other wanted to strike up conversations with others. I’m so glad I bought along my mp3 player with me. That and the fact that most people tell me I look mean and have a leave me alone demeanor to me means that only the most outgoing and crazy people generally start conversations with me. He was looking like he wanted to talk to me too so I turned up the mp3 player and went off into my own little world. Now if he was a she with long hair, curvy hips that make me want to use that G.I. Joe kung-fu battle grip from behind, ass like a donkey, DSL (and you know I ain’t talking about the Internet connection either), and some nice sweater puppets I might have done some talking but since she was a he who had been talking to himself earlier, I didn’t.

Be safe, be good, be smart and have a Happy New Year!

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