Curtis’ graduation & other thoughts

I’ve been kind of chuckling at the whole 50 Cent vs. Kanye West soundscan battle. I’m listening to Graduation as I type this post. I’ll have to admit that besides a song or two hear or there I really haven’t been feeling Kanye in the past. One of the radio stations on satellite radio did a mini battle featuring four songs from Curtis versus four songs from Graduation. Three songs in it was a statistical dead heat based on the votes. In all fairness I haven’t heard all of 50’s CD yet. I’ve heard a little under half of it. However, based on what I’ve heard on the radio and online it wasn’t even close. I hope Mr. Jackson wasn’t serious about that retirement statement because Kanye spanked that ass raw! I haven’t been impressed with 50 Cent as of late unless he’s dissing someone. The stuff I’ve heard on the radio so far sounds like more of the same shit that disappointed and bored the fuck out of me from his last CD. I can’t believe he waited to release that. Maybe 50 should rethink the title of his next album and change it from Before I Self Destruct to Before I Fell the Fuck Off!

For anyone that cares as of the last time I checked Kanye West is leading 50 Cent in CD sales. Unfortunately for Ladynay however so far Kanye West > 50 Cent > Kenny Chesney in terms of first day sales.

Is Lil Wayne the Shabba Ranks of the 21st century? Seriously, that’s a fugly freaky looking bastard! I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t have a cameo in the Alien vs. Predator sequel this year. He’s like the horror version of Secret deodorant. Lil Wayne, dirty looking enough for an alien but born to be a predator. Let me stop before the aliens and predators sue me for defamation and libel.

I wonder if having herpes will prevent Michael Vick from being Big Bubba’s new booty platter in the clink?

I wonder when homeless people are going to start taking credit and debit cards? You know sooner or later it’s going to happen. You’re going to tell some begging ass bastard that you don’t have any cash on you and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t pull out a card swiper or tell you that he takes Pay Pal payments too. Mark my words.

I’m tired of the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD format wars! Hell, I’m tired of format wars in general. I’m comfortable with DVDs. Hell, I finally retired my VCR a few years ago. Anyone wants to buy a VCR or some VHS tapes? I’m tired of having to upgrade hardware and buy the same movies I already owned on two other devices because you want to roll out a new standard and ass rape my wallet. I love technology as much as more than the next guy but damn it enough is a enough! Innovation is supposed to make our lives easier, more enjoyable. The movie and record industry only get behind this stuff to make you invest in yet another format to line their pockets. They know you’re not buying their current product because the majority of it is a steaming fly infested pile of shit so they hype up a new format, choke off the production of the previous standard, and voila you’re buying the same old shit on a different format.

I’m liking the weather lately. Fuck heat and humidity! High temperatures in the mid 60s and lows in the 50s suit me fine. Now if someone would press the pause button on the weather for about a month or so, I’d appreciate it.

I’m having yet more problems with Comcast. So until I get all of that settled my appearances on blogs may be a bit spotty for awhile. I’m about ready to do the unthinkable and just get rid of Comcast entirely. I’m tired of repeating myself, I’m tired of the lazy dumb fuck bastards who may spend part of five minutes “trouble shooting”, the excuses, the increases, and just dealing with them period. When I pay for something I expect it to work the way I was told it would. I don’t give a fuck about storms, network problems, or any of that other bullshit. I feel like punching someone in the mouth repeatedly right about now. I damn near threw a punch at my monitor so I’m going to finish up some schoolwork while my Internet is acting right and walk away before I do something bad.

Monday’s post, “Foggy Minds”, finally broke my previous record for comments. The previous record holder, the “Blogger” post held it for about 10 months. I always thought it would be a Fuck it Friday post at the top but someone pretty damn smart told me it would be something I probably considered a throwaway post to do it. Thanks to everyone who commented. Now I have a new goal to reach for and break.

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