Finals week

I had my finals in International Business today. I know it’s late but this is our finals week. It sucks. Everyone else seems to have gotten that out of the way last week. I was nervous as hell because we had to give presentations today. I didn’t go first or last. The chick that went first was pretty good. I’m glad I didn’t have to follow her. The guy that did was absolutely terrible. He was absent during the last class where the professor told us everything not to do during our speech. He did pretty much all of it. I wasn’t all that confident because I didn’t have my speech memorized. Fortunately, my memory is usually pretty decent and I knew a lot more of it then I thought I did. I knew that my speech wasn’t going to be the worst and that my grade was high enough that even if I totally fucked up the speech as long as I get an A on the paper I’d still walk out of it with an A.

I’m going to miss that class. It’s the first class I’ve taken since transferring to that school that I’ve actually enjoyed and didn’t feel like I was overwhelmed. Accelerated courses will do that to your ass. The professor was cool as hell. Even his name is cool. He shares a name with a popular brand of whiskey. All the chicks in my class were doable, no ugmos at all. One of the chicks didn’t show up so she won’t be passing the class. One of them was particularly hot and her name rhymes with mine. Of course she’s married. Lately, it seems every chick I’m attracted to is either married or in a long-term relationship. When I find out their relationship status they automatically become a little less attractive to me.

I went over my time but I think everyone pretty much did. I think the main two reasons I went over was because I was nervous. I tend to talk slower when I’m nervous because I think more about what I’m going to say. The other reason is that I was distracted because I had to use PowerPoint during the presentation. I don’t know if my concentration is shot or if I’m becoming reacquainted with my childhood ability to tune things out but whenever I was on a roll I’d forget about the PowerPoint and have to remember to incorporate it. It was kind of annoying considering the cord of the mouse was just long enough to reach the lectern and I had to use it left handed. Oh well, it’s over and done with. Barring the universe revolting against me I should leave International Business with an A.

It seems like everybody was bothering me yesterday and trying to stop me from working on note cards and practicing my speech. My mother wanted me to do something with her new laptop and Val wanted to talk. By the time I got back to working on my speech I felt totally unprepared. It annoyed me. My mom has a habit of starting things when she knows she’s not going to be able to finish so she usually ends up asking me to do it. Val knew I had a paper that I was stressing about but she still kept calling me. It wouldn’t be bad if the calls weren’t so frequent or long. When she’s busy with stuff I leave her alone and let her call me when she has a chance. I just wish I got the same consideration. Maybe it means we may not talk all that often for a couple of days or a week. It happens. I guess it’s my fault for not saying anything. I can’t keep letting that happen.  They took me off of the roll I was on and for a moment I thought about not even going to school today. Of course, that wasn’t really an option.  Live and learn I guess.

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