Yesterday was the Michigan primaries. Experts were predicting about 20% voter turnout but last time I checked it was estimated to be closer to 15% turnout. My local precinct looked like a damned ghost town. I didn’t go to vote until almost 6:00 pm and from what I gathered my district had barely broken triple digits in the number of people voting. These are the same ass clowns that are always quick to argue you down when I tell them that my vote doesn’t count and unless we voted for the same person then your vote doesn’t count because we canceled each other out. I can’t believe so many Democrats kept their asses at home because they couldn’t vote for the Barack. Boo fucking hoo!

Barack’s local supporters came off looking like a dumbass convention was in Detroit. They said they did the best they could do with no support from their candidate. Hello?! No support from your candidate! Can someone explain why you’re so gung-ho about someone who doesn’t even give a fuck about you or your state enough to actually campaign their, talk to you, or even act like he appreciates you? You came off looking about as pathetic as a battered wife. I’ve never understood why women stay with dudes who abuse them mentally and physically. Call me mean but I just don’t have sympathy for women who stay after the first time it happens. I’ve always thought they were stupid and weak-minded and chances are I always will. I just don’t have any respect for them and I have even less respect for women with children who stay in that same situation but I digress. The reason I even bought up the battered wife thing is because Obama supporters on TV sounded like battered women to me. They all stood in front of the cameras with that dejected, defeated, “that’s just how things are” look on their faces and in their eyes. At first it made me chuckle ruefully and then it made me sick!

I actually thought about not voting yesterday. Since registering to vote I’ve never missed a major election. For clarification, major elections to me are the state and national elections. I vote on the local stuff too usually but if the only thing on the ballot is some bullshit for the local schools or something than I pass. I don’t have kids, so I don’t really give a fuck about anything concerning them unless it directly effects me. Anyway, I was going to skip voting not because I couldn’t vote for “the Barack” or Edwards [snickers] but because I’m not feeling the candidates, the politics, the process, or any of that shit. I honestly believe Thomas Jefferson was right when he said the common people shouldn’t be responsible for picking the President because they weren’t smart enough to.

The Republicans came through. It’s funny because they all seemed to do the same thing. First they’d meet with some people, blah, blah, blah, talk about God, blah, blah, blah, go to the North American International Auto Show, blah, blah, blah, and pretty much repeat the process. So all I have to do is make a failed bid to run for President and I can get into the auto show early? Cool! I remember as a kid I used to get geeked whenever election day was and would always bug my mom to take me to the polls with her. I was such a nerd or is was it a geek? Sometimes I don’t think she would’ve even bothered to vote if I wasn’t so riled up to go. To this day I still go vote with my mother. I know now that sometimes she probably wouldn’t bother if it weren’t for me. Now I just have to get make sure my sister gets on the ball and does her civic duty. I’ll have to work on that.

I decided to vote yesterday, not because I’m a borderline Stan for any of the candidates like “the Barack’s” Gen-X and Gen-Y supporters seem to be. A lot of them could use a prescription or two for some strong medication if you know what I mean. I voted in spite of Obama’s sheep and to spite them. Anyone who read the last Fuck it Friday! knows how I feel about the whole voting uncommitted thing. If you didn’t read it then you need to become a regular so you can. I voted P.O.D. What’s that you ask? Pissed off Democrat. I also sarcastically told people I voted “Fuck Obama!” I did something I didn’t really see myself ever doing anytime soon. I voted for a Republican in a Presidential primary. And you know what? It felt pretty damn good too. Well, less disgusted than voting uncommitted would’ve made me feel anyway. The end of days must be coming. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next month during Super Tuesday.

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