I love Wii, Wii loves me

I went to Target earlier today to look for some jersey sheets for my bed. That was a bust but something there did catch my eye. I had to walk around and contemplate if I was ready for the responsibility of adding another member to my family. Long story short look what followed me home. Yep, I’m finally the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii! What did you think I was talking about?

(http://freakytopia NULL.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/mywii NULL.JPG)

mywii.JPG (http://freakytopia NULL.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/mywii NULL.JPG)

I had pretty much resigned myself to not getting one anytime soon. I didn’t really want to be one of those people blowing up GameStop or BestBuy’s phone everyday hoping a shipment was in and that they wouldn’t be scooped up by the time I got there. Anyway if you’re in the metro Detroit area and you have $249.99 plus tax the Target by 13 Mile & Southfield had seven Nintendo Wiis after I got mine three hours ago. Another dude was eying one so it could be six (or less) left now. I found out that at one time Val was considering buying two Wiis and giving me one but she hasn’t had much luck finding them in Parts Unknown.  I told her that I had no problem either taking this Wii back or selling it on Ebay or Craig’s List (for a profit, of course) and waiting for her to buy one.  What?!  While fuck may very well be my favorite F-word free is a very close second.  Believe that! 

Now if I could only find the red 80 GB Zune or an 80 GB Zune in any color other than black then everything in the world would be right. Okay not right but a whole lot better. If you haven’t already then don’t be shy about commenting on other recent posts. That will be all.

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