Let it snow!

I looked out of my window half expecting the local weather people to be wrong, yet again.  Imagine the sparkle in my eye and the unbridled giddiness I felt when I saw all of that cold, fluffy white stuff.  Once I saw that the weatherman wasn’t a damn dirty tease, like most of the women I know, and hadn’t raped my dreams I had to get dressed go outside and take snap some pics of the winter wonderland outside my door.    I don’t plan on going anywhere today but I’m glad I have 4 wheel drive nevertheless.  So to all of the people that don’t normally get snow or the sad, unfortunate people that have never experienced a snow ball fight, making snowmen and snow angels then enjoy.  Yeah, I know it’s not the same but it is what it is.  Love it vicariously through me.  For all of you snow haters, suck stiff snow dick!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

With today’s snowfall which should stop in a couple of  hours, Sunday’s snow, and expected cold temps throughout the coming week a white Christmas is almost assured.

Don’t forget I did a Fuck it Friday today also.

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