1. What’s your MySpace display name?
If I told you that it would be kind of easy to find me. I’ll tell you that it’s not Freaky Deaky and I have hinted at it before. That’s all you’re going to get.

2. Did you submit your real name?
Why on earth would I do that? So a bunch of people I never really cared for can easily find me and snoop around my business. Nope.

3. How many pictures do you have?
Damn it, I had to login to actually see how many. Currently there are 18 pics of me.

4. Do you get a lot of comments on them?
Nope my friends aren’t really a chatty bunch.

5. How many friends do you have?

6. How many are online right now?
None that I know of.

7. Do you know most of them?
Kind of sort of, I guess.

8. How many bands do you have?
I’m sorry do I look like a groupie or someone who’d ever jock, sweat, or be on anyone’s tip like that? Yeah, I had to bring that old slang back. LOL. Nope, to date I haven’t added anyone to my MySpace page that I didn’t already know or was trying to know better. I am looking for groupies, fans, flunkies, and disciples so holla if you’re interested.

9. How many comments do you have?
Damn, glad I still stayed logged in. I have a whopping five comments.

10. Write the 7th one:
Math lesson: 5 < 7. There is nothing to write.

11. Do you like that person?
Um sure, Ghost Bitch sucks some nice dick but she leaves a mess since she’s not really solid.

12. Who’s fourth on your top friends?
My non-existent HSICOSMD (that’s head skank in charge of slobbing me down).

13. How many top friends do you have?
That would be kind of shitty to have two friends and only name one of them as a “top” friend. That would be two you nosy bastard.

14. Have you ever just put bands/singers?
Que? Your question is unclear and incomplete. I’m guessing you want to know if I ever just add bands/singers as friends. No. Did I not explain that earlier?

15. Do you add comedians?
Nope. I’m selective about people I add to my “friends” list.

16. Do you add people you don’t know?
Nope but if she’s photogenic, has a bunch of freaky pictures and videos of herself engaging in debauchery to share with me I might be willing to add her. Otherwise, it’s probably not going to happen.

17. Do you ever search for old friends?
Every now and then. So far I’ve only found a couple of pages my best friend D made. I have to teach him how to stay incognegro (yeah I said incognegro) online. I’ve also found a few people I know but I’d hardly call them friends nor would I make them aware of my page.

18. What’s your current profile song?
I have 10 songs on my profile.

19. What’s your default picture?
Why you want to know? Again if you come upon one of my friends then you’d know who I was. Let’s just say if you saw the pic, have a clue about my personality and my sense of humor then it might be kind of obvious.

20. Are you on private?
Oh but of course. You didn’t know? Your ass better ask somebody! Why, you still trying to figure out who I am? I wasn’t always private and once upon a time I used an actual picture of my face and a somewhat more recognizable name.

21. Do you add family?
I’m the geek and techie in the family. Currently they don’t have much of a web presence, we’re all varying degrees of anti-social and prefer to have some control over when and how people can contact us. I probably wouldn’t add any of my family to my current page. I don’t really like mixing my family and friends (real world, offline, whatever you want to call them) with my online associates.

22. Do you make your own layouts?
I’ve thought about it but so far I haven’t been that frustrated or bored with what’s currently offered to bother.

23. How many MySpaces do you have?
One for the moment. If I ever get some friends and family to join then I’d probably create another account to use for them. Knowing me I’ll create another one day, get bored, and delete my current account. Kind of like I did with…um never mind. *whistles*

24. Is Tom still on your friends?
Hell naw he ain’t one of my friends! The first thing I did was delete his happy ass. I wish I could figure out how to not receive his updates too.

25. Who’s on your blocked list?
Believe it or not I don’t believe I have anyone on my blocked list. Being private and not allowing requests from bands, comedians, etc. cuts down on a lot of the spammy bullshit.

26. Do you prefer messages or comments?
Comments unless you want to keep your illicit offers of kinky sex, adoration and worship of me on the low.  Then again if you did it wouldn’t make you much of groupie now would it?

27. Do you post a lot bulletins?
Nope, I don’t really see the point nor do I have a large enough fan club to warrant posting them.

28. Do you post trains?
What the fuck is a train? I only like two types of trains, I’m sure neither of them are the one you’re talking about.

29. What’s your headline?
It’s a song lyric. I could tell you since it doesn’t come up in any of the searches I’ve done for it but you don’t really need to know that.

30. Is the age real?
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Why do you want to know? Dick suckers have an age limit now?

31. Do you use the classic or new homepage?
I use the new homepage.

32. Do you use sparkly comments?
Sometimes, however I think they’re kind of insincere and invites lots of questions about the ages, sexual preferences, maturity level, and intelligence of people that frequently use them in my opinion.

33. Or are those annoying?
Sometimes. More sad and laughable when abused or used by thirsty ass niggas trying to sweat some Internet pussy.

34. Do you have a mirror picture?
A mirror picture? Do you mean a picture taken in front of a mirror, which can be kind of tacky at times, or that stupid thing people like to use that shows a reflection of themselves besides or beneath them? It doesn’t matter, I don’t have either.

35. Do you use themes?
Yes, I do use a theme.

36. Do you have any videos?
Nasty videos? Videos of my looking sweet and dancing to Beyoncé songs? Videos of me being an ass and trying to get laughs out of anonymous assholes? No, nope, and negative!

37. Do you actually put your general interests or what everyone else has?
I list my interests. Why would I give a flying fuck what everyone else is interesting? If everybody else liked it chances are I probably wouldn’t just on general principal.

38. What’s your friend ID?
I actually had to look up how to find my friend ID. If I gave it to you then you’d know how to find me and if I really wanted you lookie loo nosy ass motherfuckers to know I’d post the link on my blog and the page would be public. It’s just best if I didn’t share that with you. Buh-bye now.

39. Would you make out with someone on your top friends?
Oh yeah, I’m on Trillian right now trying to negotiate some 3-way action with me, Ghost Bitch, and HSICOSMD. Trust me when I say we’re going to take hedonism and debauchery to new lows. Oh yeah!

40. Do you use MySpace IM?
Nope. Anyone that wants to contact me have other ways of doing so.