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My weekend wasn’t anything too special.  For the previous few days the local weather has been hyping a winter storm watch which was eventually turned into a winter storm warning for the weekend.  I was kind of doubtful because they’ve burned me too many times whispering sweet nothings into my ear, making my dick stiff, and then not putting out.  I’m kind of weary about believing what they have to say.  Although I have to admit for the most part they’ve been on the money this winter.  Anyway, on Friday, I was hyped up about seeing The Wrestler.  Unfortunately, they’ve done a piss poor job of advertising it on television.  Fortunately, I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 22 years and have followed the progress of the movie.  Nicolas Cage dropping out of the starring role was almost enough for me to entertain the possibility that God might exist.  Whoa nelly!  I said almost and by almost I mean not really.  LOL.

I knew The Wrestler was  being released in the Detroit area on January 9th but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have to search to find out where.  Neither of my usual movie spots were showing it.  I’ll have to e-mail them my disappointment and annoyance about that fact later.  The website for the movie wasn’t really helping.  I turned to my frenemy Google to see where it was showing.  At first the only place I found was near the University of Michigan.  That’s about an hour away from where I live.  I wanted to see the movie but I really didn’t want to see it that badly.  I finally found a spot that was about 15 or 20 minutes (depending on traffic) away from me and started making plans.

The Wrestler is the story of Randy “the Ram” Robinson, a washed up and over-the-hill professional wrestler played by Mickey Rourke.  Randy was a world champion in the 80s wrestling in front of thousands of people in sold out arenas everywhere.  Now, decades later, his dressing rooms are classrooms and he wrestles in front of a couple of hundred people at V.F.W. halls and school gyms on the independent circuit.  He works a menial job at a grocery store during the week, drives a beat up looking rape van, and lives in a trailer park when he makes enough money to actually pay his rent.  Years of being on the road for most of the year has played havoc on his life.  He’s alone.  His daughter Stephanie, played by Rachel Evan Wood, resents him for never being around and is estranged from him.  His only “friend” “Cassidy” is an over-the-hill stripper, played by Marisa Tomei, that dislikes her job and constantly uses club rules to distance herself from Randy whenever she feels they’re getting too close.

Randy is addicted to the wrestling lifestyle and holds onto it because it’s really the only constant and loyal thing he’s had in his life.  Time is against “the Ram” because after decades of  hard living and abuse his body is breaking down in him.  Randy is a fighter but time is an opponent who will always get the win. After a medical scare Randy begins to reevaluate his life and some of the choices he’s made.  He realizes how empty his life is and with the encouragement of Cassidy he tries to make life work outside of the world of wrestling. Randy sets out to make amends with Stephanie and romance the hesitant Cassidy.

My girl asked me what I thought about The Wrestler.  I wasn’t sure.  Mainly because the film wasn’t what I expected it to be.  I’ve read a few reviews that have basically proclaimed The Wrestler is to pro-wrestling what Rocky was to boxing.  I thought it would be more of a beat’em up action type film with some dramatic elements when in reality it was a drama, a character study of a man who was an epic figure in the ring but a total fuck up outside of it, with some wrestling elements.  It has a pseudo-documentary feel without actually being a mockumentary.   At the heart of the film it’s about isolation, loneliness, maturity, and hope.  It took me a little while to reconcile some things and process my thoughts on the film.  It’s not that I didn’t think the movie wasn’t good because that’s definitely not the case.  My problem was seperating my preconceived expectations of  the movie and figuring out how good it actually is.  The Wrestler is probably the first movie centered around wrestling that isn’t cheesy, a comedy, or just plain godawful horrible.

The lowdown:  The Wrestler is an R-rated film containing drug use, violence, profanity, nudity, and sex and runs at 1 hour and 49 minutes long.  I give it a 93 out of 100.   The year is still young but so far it’s the best movie I’ve seen in 2009 and I don’t see anything coming up before Watchmen that might change my mind.

Other than that my weekend was pretty uneventful.  I’m still not sure how much snow we ended up with.  It was at least six inches officially though.  The snow was coming down at a pretty good clip too.  The only time I even left my apartment was to brush off snow from SUV.  As you’ll see in the first picture, is my truck before I cleaned her off.  Why did I look out my window about an hour after cleaning the snow off to find another two or three inches on her?  Don’t get me wrong, it was still snowing when I cleared the snow off so I expected to see a coating but come on.  I’m not sure if that was from actually snowfall, blowing snow, or a combination of both.  Whatever!  I didn’t get around to getting the second layer off until today.  We’re supposed to get some more tonight, I think, followed by zero and subzero degree lows.  Brrrr!  Sometimes, I wish I had a tarp so I could just pull it off and all the snow with it.  That would be cool.

Val keeps asking if she can have an inch of my snow.  I tell her no.  It amuses me.  Methinks she wants to come up here and chill with me and my snow.  She was talking about driving up here.  Before the gas prices shot up it was actually cheaper to drive.  Of course, that’s one long ass drive.  She’s driven longer but I don’t like the idea of her trying to drive up here during the winter.  Besides, if the snow knows she’s coming it might go away.  That would make me sad.  It would be fun to have a snowball fight with her though and force her to make a snow butterfly.  That was my weekend.  What was yours about?