One thing meme

Name one person you think is beautiful.
Rosario Dawson

Name one thing you think is fun.

Name one place you want to visit.

Name one of your personal morals.
Never do anything for anyone who wouldn’t do the same for me.

Name one of your favorite curse words.

Name one site you visit regularly
Well according to my awesome bar my most visited site is

Name one song you think describes you
You’re the Best.

Name one of your fears.
Being ordinary and easily forgotten.

Name one thing you love.
My furbaby, Tantrum.

Name one thing you hate.
Lurkers, especially the asshole lurkers that know I hate them yet insist on continuing their lurking.

Name one language you want to learn.

Name one occupation you’d like to have.

Name one thing you want to accomplish before you die.
Write a book.

Name one thing you are allergic to.

Name one odd fact about you
Some combination of shyness, arrogance, and pride won’t usually allow me to ask for help no matter how desperately I may need it.

Name one funny thing you saw today
A picture of a robot wearing a dress, a blond, curly wig, and lipstick.

Name one funny thing you said today
As of posting this, I haven’t said anything funny as far as I know.

Name one thing that shocked you
It’s kind of related to my answer to the next question so I’m not going to talk about it.

Name one thing you did that you knew was illegal
That is one of the things you will probably never read about on my blog.  I may write about it one day but it’ll be private so don’t get your heart set on ever reading about it because I won’t share it with you.

Name one time you stayed up all night
To get a PlayStation 2 when they first came out.

Name one lesson you always hated
Sewing.  I damn near flunked Home Economics because I have no sewing skills whatsoever.  Fortunately, damn near every guy in the class was awful at it so instead of sewing she took pity on us and found some work for us to do.

Name one thing that you really cant understand
Organized religion.

Name one day you hate
I really hate Sundays.

Name one person you love
My mommy.

Name one thing you most regret doing
Turning down a full ride scholarship because I thought the university was beneath someone of my intellect.

Name one thing you most regret not doing
Not being a bigger hoe when I was younger and having a couple of baby mamas/forever pussies on my team by now.

Name one band you want to see live
Barenaked Ladies

Name one thing that changed your life
I couldn’t even tell you.  Guess I’m still waiting for it or maybe it might be more accurate to say I’m still avoiding it.  Who knows?

Name one song that makes you cry
Amazing Grace

Name one time you feared for your life
The time my sister and I almost drowned in the Bahamas.

Name one thing you like about your appearance
My lips.

Name one car you want to drive
I want to test drive the Ford Flex. I’m thinking it may replace Pussy when her lease is up. Although if the Chrysler/GM merger goes through I may change my mind.

Name one thing you would give your life for
The people I love.

Name one song you are embarrassed to say you like
I’m not really embarrassed to say I like any songs I do. Although since I’ve made public my disdain for Lil’ Wayne’s nonsensical lyrics,  his fans, and Southern rappers in general I guess I’ll say I’m kind of embarrassed to say I like Lil Wayne’s “I Feel Like Dying”.  Either that or “Does She Love Me?” the theme song of Real Chance of Love by the Stallionaires (I’m copping that CD as soon as I find it).

Name one thing you like best about your life
That eventually it will be over and when I die I’ll never feel anything ever again.

Name one film you had to see twice
In the theaters?  It hasn’t happened since I was an adult.  The last movie I wanted to see more than once in the theater was The Dark Knight.  I’ve seen the original Star Wars trilogy over a 100 times.  I almost always watch it when it’s on TV.

Name one thing that really annoys you
When chicks trifle with my horniness and think that shit is cute.

Name one time you felt depressed
When my grandfather died and I had to be the strong one.  I realized that I had no one in my life I could ever be vulnerable and weak in front of and that part of me would forever be closed off and hidden from the world.

Name one celebrity you want to shag
Mariah Carey will always be able to get it regardless of my relationship status.

Name one time you felt like a fake
Every time I’m required to socialize and mingle with strangers, new people, etc.

Name one thing you do every day without fail
Breathe?  What the fuck kind of question is that?

Name one time you felt rejected
I feel rejected every single day of my life.  Maybe it’s just my lot in life to be a lone wolf and a recluse.  Ultimately, it’s probably safer and will be filled with less heartache and disappointment to stay on my destined path.

Name one crazy place you fell asleep
Can’t really say I ever fell asleep anywhere considered crazy.  I don’t really sleep well or for very long outside of my bed and my place so unless I’m going to be trapped somewhere for more than a day or two chances are I won’t be sleeping so it’s a moot point.

Name one time you felt on top of the world
The 8th grade.  I found out I had the highest g.p.a. not only in my class but in my school.  That fact absolutely killed by frenemy and rival.  I won the free ride scholarship, and all of my teachers were trying to recruit me to attend their former high schools. The world was in my hand, opportunities were abound, and everything felt right.

Name one friend that you miss

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