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My girlfriend is fighting the good fight trying to find a way for us to be together on Valentine’s Day but I don’t think it’s happening.  She’s made several suggestions for her coming up here but for the amount of time she’d actually be able to visit I don’t think it’s worth the time, effort, or expense.  She says it’s no trouble but I disagree.

I’m sure eventually I’ll look like a meanie for my opinion.

I’m seriously considering not buying anyone gifts this year.  Honestly, 85-90% of the time the only reason I even give a gift is because I want one.

Truth be told I’d much rather receive gifts then give them.  Yeah, I know it’s selfish and I’m okay with that.   Usually when it comes to gift exchanges I either break even or lose out.  The way I see things is it would just be more beneficial and ultimately more rewarding for me to use the money I’d spend on buying other people gifts and just spending it on myself.  Yeah, I can be somewhat materialistic and again, I’m okay with that.

I think most gift giving holidays are a sham and crock instituted by the apparel, jewelry, candy, and other industries to pump up their sales by making women feel entitled and associating their partner’s love with the amount of money he spends on them.  Yes, I honestly believe that.

I think men should have more gift giving holidays where women are brainwashed, trained, or guilted into buying them expensive trinkets.

Pussy is not a gift.  As Willie D said, “You can’t get a dime for it at the pawn shop.”

Some people really are better than others.  Those who disagree are usually the inferior party.

Having a sing songy voice or flow is entirely different from singing.  I’m talking about you Lil Wayne.

That vocoder/auto tune bullshit got annoying with Roger & Zapp back in the day.  It’s played the fuck out now.  So for the love of god, stop, please stop, you dumb motherfuckers!  I don’t want to hear any more niggers singing, rapping, or sounding like fucking Mr. Roboto unless they’re playing an android in a sci-fi movie or cartoon.

I told Val I was going to let my hair grow out, get dreadlocks, cover myself in tattoos and call myself Big Wayne.  I told her I’d find a manly,  he-beast looking bitch to be my Birdman.

While we’re at it no more songs about stupid ass and/or overly complicated dances.  I don’t want to see niggers bent over trying to make their asses clap looking like some straight up homo thug pillow biting bitches!

Furthermore, can we please chill out on that video of the fat, White chick trying to pole dance with disastrous results.  Look it only got a respectable chuckle out of me the first time I saw it by the 15th time I saw it I was trying to sharpen my straight razor and cut my throat.

50 Cent really wants his total times shot to reach double digits.

I definitely plan to blog about how I lost virginity.  It’ll probably happen before spring.  I won’t be sharing that tale with many people.  So far only one person will be getting that password.  I won’t be sharing it with anyone who hasn’t shared their tale of being deflowered.  For those that don’t have blogs, are scary, or just too reserve all I can say is, it sucks to be you.  Too bad, so sad.

I never heard of chapped hands until recently.  I think my hands are chapped.  Really It only seems to occur on my knuckles, usually the pinkie knuckles and only when the air is cold and dry.  It’s annoying as fuck!

I was looking at some weapons (non guns, although I plan to get a handgun one of these days) online recently.  I’m thinking about getting a butterfly knife or a switchblade just for those assholes that like to park too closely to my truck.  I also found myself intrigued by shock knux, think combination brass knuckles/stun gun.  I’m tempted to have it delivered to Val’s place and mail it to myself next time I’m in Parts Unknown.  I’ve also had my eye on a trench knife for the longest.  Don’t even get me started on the katanas, the throwing knives, and getting my Gambit on with some throwing cards.

It would be cool as hell to get a replica of Ichigo Kurasaki’s zanpakutō in bankai form.  I can see me holding it and screaming, “Bankai!”

I know 99% of you didn’t get the reference which makes it so much more fun for me.

This picture of  a double quarter pounder with cheese on BlackPlanet’s homepage annoys me for some reason.  I should adblock it.

I wish the weird little fuckers looking for that skull fucking would get the hell on.  I appreciate the hits but choke on limp tranny dick and die already!

I’m thinking about letting you pick a picture to use for a future Fuck it Friday!  If you have a pic that you think fits the theme then feel free to e-mail it to me.  If I get enough submissions I may do something with the losing pictures as well.  Who knows?

Can’t wait to see Push this weekend.

Next week I’ll be seeing Friday the 13th!

All of my favorite bloggers are either retired, M.I.A., or thinking about retiring.  Who am I going to read?  Who’s going to leave me non-sucky comments?  Yes, I’m being selfish.  So what?

I’ve been saying that I’ve been thinking about no longer blogging for awhile.  Well, I finally have a soft, drop dead date for Freakytopia and I think I’m somewhat serious about it.

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