Brain nuggets

I’ve been going to bed early as hell lately.  Well early for me anyway.  I think it’s mainly because of the shows I watch are either in repeats or winding down.

I seriously considered getting a tattoo for my birthday last year.

I really want to sell my Wii and get a PS3 or Xbox 360.

My plan is to see a movie at the theater every week in May.  The weekend of May 1st is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, May 8th Star Trek, May 15th Angels & Demons, May 22nd Terminator Salvation, and May 29th will either be Up or Drag Me to Hell.  Plans could change but the first two and Terminator Salvation are set in stone.

Before you even ask, no, I don’t plan on seeing Obsessed.  I’d imagine the audience will be very similar to all of Tyler Perry films.  Black women under 30, children, and fags.  Feel free to give me spoilers as I have no plans on seeing it anytime soon.

I just can’t take Beyonce seriously.  Have you seen her in that Nintendo DS commercial looking kind of old and specially educated?  Sure she’s nice to look at but intellectually I don’t respect her and I honestly don’t even think she’s that good or interesting a singer or personality in general.

I don’t know what the hell Burger King was thinking when they gave the okay for that SpongeBob Baby Got Square commercial for their kid’s meal.  First time I saw it I just stared at the screen with my mouth agape, kind of like Beyonce when asked to solve a quadratic equation I’d imagine.  The only thing I could muster was, “What the fuck is this?”

Another commercial that annoys me is that new Mickey D’s commercial with the people moaning while eating and the chick with the fivehead at the end of the commercial.  I think the thing that annoyed me the most is constantly seeing the chick with the large forehead.  Chicks with large foreheads and/or pig noses irk me for some reason.  What?!

The more I think about it the more I’m starting to lean towards the not wanting kids category.  Seems like everyone I could knock up has a kid already and wants to be married or wait a few years before having another kid.  Truth is I’m not even sure I ever want to get married and waiting too much longer really isn’t an option for me.  As much as I’d prefer for my scions not be bastards I don’t have the desire or feel the need to get married just to legitimize my children.  Furthermore, if I had my choice I’d rather have my first child with someone who was also in the same boat as me.

Why do people keep taking babies and young kids to the theaters?  When I went to see Dragonball Evolution there was a chick with two kids and the little boy just rattled incessantly during the movie.  It took everything I had not to scream out muzzle that little bastard or the classic, children should be seen and not heard bitch!  When I went to see Fast & Furious why did a family come in with a fucking baby carrier well after the movie started and left well before it ended?  I mean besides annoying the fuck out of me what exactly was the point?

Maryland has some of the most impatient, inconsiderate, rude, and  dumbass drivers I’ve seen in a minute.

Val’s friend was better looking than I expected.

I care about you but we’re not going to do this in and out revolving door thing again.  Next time you leave, stay gone.

It’s about time she left your ass.  Thank goodness!

I want my new glasses, yesterday.  Hopefully I’ll order them either tomorrow or early next week.

I had one person tell me I looked better with glasses and another imply that I’m sexier without them.  Maybe I should ask if I can be fitted for a monocle or something.

I haven’t done multiple posts in a day for a minute.

Pussy really needs to be detailed but I probably won’t get it done until summer at the earliest.

I’m sick to death of gift giving holidays taking up money I could be spending on entertaining myself.  I’m thinking in 2010 everybody is getting cut off from presents.  Fuck that!

I need some more text buddies.  Preferably with juicy fat asses and foul mouths.

I want my own panties/lingerie model.

I’m fiending for a DQ Blizzard right about now.  It’ll be hot enough today and for the next few days to seriously consider making that trip.

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