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Why is it when people brag online about how good looking they are or how many people they attract and finally post a picture you’re left feeling a bit underwhelmed?  Most of the time they look aight, sometimes they look exactly as I pictured them in my head, and the rest of the times they are either a lot better looking or a lot uglier than their claims.  Usually the self-deprecating types are a pleasant surprise though.

Why is it too much information when I talk about my last nut but chicks can talk all about their cycles and shit?  Periods = gross.  A massive nut = cool as fuck, more liquid Freaky fun for everyone, more jelly for your belly (or other places)!

WWE is coming back to Detroit in August.  I halfway want to go but not by myself.  Problem is the chick I would take is acting out of pocket and in danger of getting purged.

Head pats and forehead kisses for everyone naive and/or stupid enough to think BET would put on a classy awards/tribute show followed by a kick in the ass.   I have some mountain front property in Detroit for sale.  *snickers*

I don’t really watch many videos so I had little or no idea who a lot of the cats were when BET would put them on camera.  Kanye’s chick has a bad ass body but I don’t even like chicks with short hair so I can’t fuck with baldilock chicks or those with less hair than me.

I wonder if the dude in the picture from my last post knew that his photo would be seen countless times on the Internet and be used in such a negative fashion?  I wonder who he is.

I saw a commercial for the DVD release of Knowing last night and noticed they said you could buy Push on the same day.  Why did I think Push was already out and I had it?  I looked through my movie collection and figured out why.  I was confusing it for Jumper which is quite similar to Push.  I haven’t bought a DVD in a minute and I never did get around to seeing Knowing in theaters.  I’ll pick it up next week and watch it so Val can’t tease me.

Speaking of my movie collection I’m wondering if I should store my pornos with my regular movie collection or separate?  What do you do?  My blog wife likes to blow up the cover art to her pornos and hang them on the wall.  Oh, I wasn’t supposed to mention that?  Uh forget you heard that, okay?

Why is it that I’m hornier than a death row inmate when pussy is in scarcity but when it’s in abundance I’m like, “Eh whatever?”

Just saw the Last Airbender teaser trailer and I’m looking forward to it.  I pray that Shamalamadingdong doesn’t fuck it up like he does most of his movies.  Sucks that I have to wait until next year to see it.

I want some comic books.

My mom and my sister have LCD TVs and I’m feeling left out.  If things go as planned I’ll have one either for my birthday or for Christmas.  I think I’ll back off of the 42 inch I originally wanted though.  Val wants my current TV.  That thing is going to be a beast to move.  I know because it was a beast to get from Sam’s Club to my room.

I have more posts than I thought I did.  Yay me!

I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for the 4th so please quit asking me and using it as a means to gloat about all the fun, joy, and drunken debauchery you’re going to engage in.  Asshole!

Methinks Ladynay will be on Twitter by the end of the year.

I don’t follow many people on Twitter that don’t reply.  With few exceptions I don’t generally find those people very interesting and I think the least you can do is acknowledge someone’s existence by specific name every once in awhile as opposed to a general, all-inclusive shout-out to everybody.

I’ve had 3 Doors Down in heavy rotation on my mp3 player since downloading them.  I dig that shit!  I think I’m starting to get acquainted with my inner rocker.  I think I may have to look into another concert.

Whenever I get around to getting my remote car starter I’m going to look into getting an aux jack installed so Pussy can finally play my mp3 player without any adapters or other 3rd party bullshit.

Southern rock > Southern rap.  It’s not even open to discussion.  Nope.  Good day!  I said good day sir/ma’am!

I want to take guitar lessons but I don’t like the fact that it callouses your fingers.  I like my fingers and hands smoother than a newborn’s ass and I’d like to keep them that way.

No one uses the term diaspora outside of college.

I still really, really want a hand puppet.  I miss Lawrence LaGiraffe.

I’ve been going to bed early and getting up early too.  Me no likey!  Me no likey at all!  I hope this isn’t permanent.  I think my change in sleeping habits in part comes from the repeats invading late night TV and my current lack of fellow night owl friends to talk to at night.  Hopefully, one of those things will change in the near future.

I’ll get around to writing about my deflowering one of these days.  I haven’t forgotten.   Only one of you will have access to that post though.

I can think, have thought, and know of several reasons off the top of my head to kill oneself but the death of Michael Jackson isn’t one of them (well, not unless you were related him).

I want a drink.  I want to do something out of character like get shit faced drunk, altered, and wake up sticky and butt ass naked next to a bitch whose name I don’t remember or even care to.  I usually try to suppress my self-destructive urges.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to completely shut down and snap at the same time?  That’s how I feel right now.  Nothing makes me feel better.

Sometimes I’m afraid my antisocial nature is going to spin off into  something worse.  I can almost feel it happening.

I want to see my baby’s Kool-Aid smile, be held, and hear her say, “Yay!”

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