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Today’s my birthday a.k.a. Suck Day.  I don’t have any big plans for my “special” day.  I also don’t have any small plans.  To be honest I don’t have any plans at all.   Chances are I won’t be doing anything different then I would any other autumn Sunday.  Fortunately, Suck Day goes away in 24 hours so I won’t have to be bothered with it again until next year. Yay me.

I decided to change things and made some plans for myself.  I’m going to check out Zombieland.  Hope it’s as hilarious as everyone keeps saying it is and then I’m going to dinner afterwards, probably Red Robin but maybe Fuddruckers.  It depends on how I feel.  Who knows if somehow I don’t end up driving maybe I’ll have a drink or too.  Val hooked me up on my True Blood kick by getting me season one on DVD and the first 8 books in the Southern Vampire Mysteries a.k.a. the Sookie Stackhouse novels (the books that True Blood is based on.  That should give me something to do when I’m bored and maybe inspire me to get on the ball and work on my novel.  My mom gave me money which will probably be added to my TV fund.  I think I have about $100 or so to go before I have enough to buy it all out.  Just have to debate if I want to get it sooner or wait and see if there’s a deal to be had around Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Decisions, decisions.  Now I need to get working on that PS3.

Surprisingly I’ve gotten lots of e-mails wishing me happy birthday.  I don’t know how I feel about them being from sites I’m a member of though but whatever.  Thanks to the people that called, sent text messages, e-mailed me, twittered, or commented.  A bigger thanks to those that sent gifts.  Me likey unsolicited presents.  Me also likey solicited presents too.  LOL.  Feel free to praise, worship, or blow my head up with offers of being my 1st baby’s mama in the comments.  I also accept nasty pictures by text or e-mail.  What?!  Don’t judge me, it’s my birthday!