Happy New Year!

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I’ve been having odd dreams about random people lately from Twitter and blogging.  I really wish I knew what was up with that.

I want another Nerf gun, something with a higher dart capacity.  Sometime in 2011 I will have a Nerf gun fight.  Believe that!  I may have to scratch that itch I’ve been having and get a Super Soaker too.  Somebody needs to get wet up.

My girlfriend said I was a spoiled brat.  So I put on my Corinthian leather memory foam slippers, threw a temper tantrum and threatened to tell my mommy until she took it back and apologized.  Okay that last sentenced never happened but it would’ve been funny.  I want those slippers!

I think I’m over the games on Facebook so I told my girlfriend I’m thinking of deleting my Facebook page.  She laughed because I’m good for purging and can be very brutal about it.  We got into a whole conversation about social networks.  It’s a cute name but I think a more accurate one would be stalker networks or nosy networks.   It’s funny because I honestly do join them to socialize which is funny in and of itself considering how antisocial I can be.  I told her it seems more like a “I don’t want to talk to you but I want to be able to keep tabs on you whenever I please thing” instead of actually being social.  She agreed.  I figure if we’re not going to socialize than you don’t have the right, shouldn’t have the ability, and ultimately won’t be allowed to keep tabs on me.  I’m probably just going to end up deactivating it for a bit.  Now if only Twitter had that option.

I need to make up my resolutions for the coming year.  Yes, I make them.  At the very least they give you some insight into where you are (as you write), where you want to be, and where you, hopefully, were and no longer are (as you read them next year).

My cell phone was acting cracked out crazy yesterday.  Texts weren’t being delivered and e-mails were really, really late.  I e-mailed my girl yesterday.  I never got a response back.  We chatted last night and I asked her if she ever got it.  She told me she sent a response that afternoon.  I never got it until about a minute after we got off the phone.  Ain’t that a bitch?  I might not be able to blame that on the phone since I sent the e-mail from my laptop and received other e-mails from that same account after.  *shrugs*  Someone needs to tune up their servers or something.

I am thinking of establishing a New Year’s Eve tradition of confessionals.  Don’t think I’ll do it this year because I don’t really feel like doing the thinking involved in writing them now.  However next year sounds like a pretty good time.  Anyway, these confessionals are basically me telling people some of the things I thought, left unsaid, or didn’t explicitly express for whatever reason throughout the year.  I’m really curious about how that will work out.  Of course, the best thing is to get to the point where there is nothing left unsaid which I will also work towards achieving one day.

This is the last week of my NFL Pick’em Torunament.  I won but it was a lot closer than I wanted it to be.

I picked up a Mega Millions lottery ticket this morning.  I don’t usually play unless the jackpot is over 150 million dollars and even then I only rarely play.  Since this drawing falls on the last day of the year and it was for over 230 million last time I checked I figured what the hell.  If I win I don’t know any of you and I can finally buy my deserted island and make Freakytopia a reality.

To all the people I gave up on or who gave up on me in 2010, it’s not meant to be so no more looking back.  You’ve served your purpose, I guess.  Fuck you and goodbye!

To the people I connected with in 2010 I hope you don’t end up being the people above this time next year.

To the people I feel close to, connected with, and generally loved by and cared for, thank you.  You are very few and far between but what little peace of mind, joy in my life, and happiness I have can at least in some part be attributed to you.  For that I can’t even put into words how much I love and appreciate you.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!  See you next year.

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